Small Things# 28 – Did you know about the urban legend Siren Head?

As severe thunderstorms moved through the Twin Cities, there were damaging winds and heavy rainfall in our area. The wind whistled eerily and I remarked – “What kind of sound is that?”

“Well, that is ‘Siren Head’,” replied the little one knowingly.

“Who is Siren Head?” I asked.

And subsequently, I got some great information on the subject from the older one. Turned out this thing, a creature called Siren Head is a part of internet folklore.

The Siren Head has two sirens on his head that makes horrible sounds.

He looks really tall and skinny but he is strong.

He kills people and uses their voices.

There is another creature called Long Horse, who tries to scare you away you so that you get saved from Siren Head.

Long Horse is actually nice but he behaves oddly.

They are called urban legends by the young generation.

I googled and found that all of the information given by kids were true.

Apparently, these characters were created by a Canadian Horror artist Trevor Henderson. According to this website, Siren Head was created in 2018 and has rose to fame since then.

Now, I thought this was interesting. There have been folklores, fairy tales, book characters and now…internet folklore!!! Characters created by artists, gamers and you-tubers.

It is really great how our world is changing so quickly. We had the ‘scary legend of Murkatwa’ when we were kids and lived in a small town in India.

Murkatwa was believed to cut heads of those kids and people who ventured out during hot summer afternoons. Apparently, it was a ploy to keep kids indoor.

Siren Head and Long Horse look interesting too. And so nicely adapted from the old folklores. A salute to creativity, then and now!

Now, whenever the wind would whistle, I will remember – Well, that’s Siren Head.

Know more about the Siren Head here, if you love folklores like I do!

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7 thoughts on “Small Things# 28 – Did you know about the urban legend Siren Head?

  1. Very interesting, shiva.

    Showcases present day context of noise pollution, Crash Dieting..

    Horsehead showcases how we are poking our long nose into others affairs.

    But, How about creating a new peaceful creature which doesnot scare.

    For eg., Superman, Mickey Mouse , an old example etc.,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really interesting to hear about a modern day folk tale which is a very real commentary about how we spend since of our time in the world. The more we know, eh?

    Thank you for sharing. 😊


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