10 jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world!

Are you looking for a job? We all know that thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is still ravaging economies around the world. The opening up of economies has brought relief but much damage is already done. However, there is always hope and opportunity!

“The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese.”
Spencer Johnson from ‘Who Moved My Cheese’. So, before we start something, our old mentality of fighting change, reluctance to learn and think negatively about the outcome, must end. Let’s explore the possibilities, if it works that is great! But if it doesn’t, we will learn great new things, which might help in our next. There is no scope of giving up, striding forward is the only way!

So, without further ado, please find the list and links to 10 remote and global job offering companies. (These companies hire worldwide, but some hire only in Europe, Canada or India. The pay varies depending on the country of residence. Most of these companies would hire as a freelancer after an assessment and interview.)

List of 10 remote and global jobs

  • https://careers.covance.com/global/en/search-results – If you are into clinical research, this biopharmaceutical contract research organization has research operations in more than 25 countries. Type ‘Virtual’ or ‘remote’ or ‘home-based’ in it’s jobs database.
  • https://jobs.adp.com/ – ADP provides remote jobs related to Sales, IT, Corporate and Management professionals. Apply here with a nicely created resume and use the keyword ‘Home office’ in the location field.
  • Filmless.com – If you are into video creation and script writing, try Filmless that is looking for talent from around the world.
  • https://www.mysql.com/about/jobs/ – If you are an out of job engineer, try this one. It accepts application from around the world.
  • https://www.mturk.com/ Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowd sourcing marketplace where small tasks like surveys, feedback, content moderation are filled and sent. These small task do not pay much but it is okay for pocket money.
  • Aim-for-A Tutoring – In our pandemic ravaged world, online tutoring is blossoming as a great career. If you are a teacher, make use of it and apply here. There are many other companies that also hire online tutors. Be on the lookout.
  • http://www.classof1.co/careers/ – This company is based in India and provides, online tutoring, homework assistance, test prep, content development, and e-learning courses for college and school students in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.
  • https://appen.com/jobs/ – This is similar to MTurks. But the ‘search quality evaluator’ or ‘Internet analyst’ or ‘rater’ jobs here make it attractive. For being a part of this, you need to submit your resume and wait for their reply. If your email matches their requirement, you will have to pass a test based on a knowledge booklet PDF. There are other micro tasks and surveys also, which will appear in your dashboard if your qualifications match. The pay is average here.
  • https://thesmartcrowd.lionbridge.com/ – Lionbridge, like Appen is reliable and offers home-based jobs globally. Great for ad raters, translators, interpreters and those who are into data entry. There are surveys and micro tasks as well.
  • https://jobs.workingsolutions.com/ – This BPO is great for those who want to work from home as independent contractors. The job is mostly data entry, translation and call center related. Pay ranges from $7.50 to $30 an hour. Try it out!

If you have any other designing or niche skill, offer freelance services through Fiverr.com and Upwork.com . You never know, what clicks and takes you forward on your path to success. The important thing is, to try.

I will keep posting job related ideas here. Do share this post with everyone as many would be looking out for a job. All the best my dear friends!

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While the scorching, mischievous sun and dusty, hot winds try to take off your coat of worldliness, blaring horns and sounds announce that it never really matters where you go, you are made of India. Your support system reconnects and stands up for you like a pillar, and with a heavy heart, you bow and acknowledge that you have missed all that strength, love and care. It feels so good to return to your motherland.

You realize, India feels so real with its sounds, vibrations and panorama of life. You feel those years away from here has been a dream, this is reality. You just pick up from where you left, sandwiched in long gapless queues, moving along within a disorderly crowd and haggling for auto-rickshaw fare. Staff, watchman, shopkeepers, acquaintances share slices of their lives, joys and woes with you, as if you have always been there. Family and friends leave aside mighty inconveniences of commuting and toss aside their busy schedules to just be with you for a warm hug and even for tiniest of chats. They make India so special. They make India so lively. They make India, home!

Family makes you reconnect with your childhood, friends rekindle the feeling of wondrousness, and they together make a cosy cushion for you to lean on. After all these years, you seem to have forgotten about the comforts of leaning. You have been upright and always standing, facing things on your own… and it feels weird to lean on. And you do it awkwardly in the comfortable space created for you….for a limited time.

Also random act of kindness from unknown people leave you touched and emotional. Sometimes they make your mission of finding your destination, their job. And intuitively understands and relate to your needs. So there might be a person in the metro, who would offer his seat, and a lady who would lead you to the shop you have been looking for, a shopkeeper might ask you to sit in his shop to catch your breath or an ola cab driver, would share rare political insight.

Your kid might wonder- Have you known the person you were talking to mumma? You would reply – You don’t need to know a person to talk to here. Conversation doesn’t start or end here, it just flows!

Your kid, who has heard nothing but polite conversations, might even ask you – Why is he yelling mumma? And you would say – He is talking, not yelling. That is how it is!

You feel, India has not changed much. The Josh seems to be high as ever. The infrastructure is the same, except for technology that is making lives easier. You had expected a dramatic change but outwardly little seems to have changed.

As you pause for a moment in the midst of a road divider, and cars pass by you on both sides, making it very risky for you, you get the realization that India has never been about aesthetic beauty, enchanting landscapes, orderliness and structured existence. It is free, chaotic, jolting, nerve wrecking, and completely unpredictable. No plan works here, ever. India has its own plan to get your job done. This is how the country was, and still is. What is amazing about being here is experiencing palpable, throbbing life and humanity in its entirety.

When you return from India, you feel the world has gone still. No sounds, no conversations, no conflicts! There is a strange heaviness that doesn’t go away despite your structured, smooth existence in the new land. You go about doing your job, once again mulling over your decisions, divided and torn. You fold away clothes, do laundry, cook, all the time, ignoring the heaviness. Life is predictable and comfortable.

And then, you find an old Hindi newspaper on one side of your half open suitcase. It had wrapped something of importance, perhaps a few bangles. But it is useless now. You need to throw it. It is trash. But you can’t. You touch it lovingly, fold it gently and keep it under the mattress. You can’t let go of that… even the tiniest bit of India.

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Indian Beauties in Soap Ads

Soap advertisements (especially Lux) have showcased Indian beauties of all times in the most glamorous light. Here are a few of my favorite ones, who is your favourite Soap Beauty?

Ebullient Madhubala!

Elegant Waheeda Rehman

Stunning Suraiya

Charming Asha Parekh

Gorgeous Hema Malini

Sensuous Helen

Striking Saira Banu

Cute Tanuja

Mysterious Rekha

Beautiful Sridevi

Radiant Aishwarya

Charismatic Katrina

And of course, Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra!

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Flashes of India in America

This Summer, coincidentally perhaps, I’m enjoying flashes of India in America! Last week, I marveled at this amazing poster at one of the leading home decor shops of America. There were exotic products from my country – bright, lively, vibrant – reminding me of street bazaars of New Delhi.

And today, Indian culture, heritage and food was celebrated at Downtown Minneapolis in an event called IndiaFest. It really felt like being in India there, with tantalizing aroma of Indian cuisine, classical dances and crafts. I even saw things I didn’t know about India.

(Story being conveyed through paintings- ancient form of storytelling)

At the fest, it was India everywhere. I felt proud that even the next-gen Indians participated and perfected classical dance moves.

It was fun strolling and reliving India in America. We met up with some friends, bought mouthwatering street food and had a wonderful day at IndiaFest.

If I see another flash of India, will let you know. To know about the festival, read here.

Stay well, friends!

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The Chair and The Pose

I had seen a similar old photo of my now 100-year-old grandmother back in India. Apart from seeing my grandma as a young teenager what had baffled me was positioning of the chair. “Why is the chair turned the other way,” I had asked her. She laughed and said it was the style at the time, back in 1910s. 

The picture was shot for arranged marriage purpose and there was another photo of her younger sister with the same chair and in the same pose. Later, I saw plenty of such photos in an old trunk at my house. I noted another thing – no one smiled in old photos. 

Recently, I came across another such photo and I thought of doing a little research on the chair as props in old photos. This is what I unearthed.

1) The use of the chair was a means to facilitate, relax and prevent the sitter from moving.

2)  It was used at the very beginning of photography  when long exposures were necessary for a successful result. 

3) Perhaps the long exposure and staying still was the reason why people would get tired of smiling. So people rarely smiled from old photos.

4) Posing with a chair was widely used and imitated. It got ingrained in psyche of the people of the time and everyone preferred it because of convenience as well as dramatic effect.

To learn more read this great blog – here. And do share if you know more. As of now, my curiosity got satiated regarding the weird positioning of chairs during portrait photography back in the good old days. Here are some more old pictures of royalty, with of course, the chair!

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