10 Fabulous Fall Pictures of Minnesota

Last week, we went for a long drive towards Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota and saw some breathtaking sceneries along the way.

Here are 10 beautiful pictures that will make you smile and brighten your day.

Every leaf looks like a flower, isn’t it? It is glorious around here this season.

Also, I wanted to wish you all happiness, peace, success and prosperity as the beautiful festival of Navratri starts from today🙏🏻. Jai Maa.

Hope you liked the pics. Take care and stay blissful!

A Step into the Fall Splendor – in Pics

Minnesota is known for its amazing Fall. And this year, the amazing colors are back on the trees, bushes, flowers, lakes and wild foliage.

This morning, a spirited walk around our locality, once again introduced us to the amazing Autumnal colors. Orange, red, yellow, green under the blue sky…what a divine splash of colors on the nature’s canvas!

Come on, follow me, step into the Fall splendor through these pics😀

Happy Orange Red Tree

Golden Green Earth

Playful White Fountain

Wild Red Berries

Proud White Mushrooms

Tiny Brown Caterpillar on a Crossroad

Yellow Shades, Green Creepers and Blue Lake

Pink, White and Red Flowers

Hope you enjoyed the colors!

#MinneapolisUprising: From Serenity to Riots


While on a video call with my college friends a week back, I had commented – there is an underlying serenity and spirituality in this Land of 10,000 lakes in the US. I was talking about the ethereal beauty of Minneapolis.

But things changed in a span of four days when George Floyd, an African-American man died after Derek Chauvin a white police officer knelt on his neck for more than 8 minutes and Floyd became unresponsive. Onlookers shot videos of Chauvin and three police officers involved in this and the city turned chaotic.

This incident was heart breaking but the response to the incident was unimaginable. The protest took the form of riots and spread faster across the country than the already raging pandemic. Twenty U.S. cities woke up to pillaging, looting, fire, violence, demonstrations and arrests, the epicenter being in Minneapolis.

There is so much anger in not just African-American community but in every community because ‘Floyd’s incident’ was such an inhuman act. Things are just flaring up and then there are many political forces at play owing to the upcoming US presidential elections in November.

Last night, the Indian community circulated messages warning everyone to stay vigilant due to the developing situation. Night curfew has been imposed in most cities as the tension doesn’t seem to deescalate.

One can perceive tension in the air as protests can take any form. Governor Tim Walz has authorized full mobilization of the National Guard in a historic attempt to tackle what he calls as “a now organized attempt to tear down civil society.” Minnesota officials believe outsiders are hijacking protests and ‘attacking civil society’.

Any riot anywhere is very unfortunate and seeing this unfolding in Minneapolis is distressing. However, some people posted heartwarming images of people coming together to help clean up and rebuild – ‘The Silent Majority’ of Americans who believe in the cause but not in violence.

As I write this, protest is going on in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday evening. It is peaceful now and the curfew would start in about three hours.

As a current resident of Minneapolis, I wish peace and joy to this beautiful city. ‘Minnesota Nice’ is the term used for people here because they are nice, courteous, affable and generous. I hope and pray serenity and niceness takes over while upholding justice.

““The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by a sense of futility.” – Martin Luther King Jr. #MinneapolisRiots

May justice and peace prevail!


(Images courtesy Google)




Coronavirus Scare – Unavailability of hand sanitizers

Today, my husband went shop to shop from Cub, Walgreens, Target, Dollar Tree to CVS until he found the last bottle of hand sanitizer in one of the Cub stores at a different location.

Using hand sanitizers are currently the best bet against Coronavirus.

The racks are running empty as people are stocking up sanitizers, masks and other grocery items. Even online, the prices of hand sanitizers are going high. We checked Amazon.

This episode made me realize how actively people are taking precautionary measures in Minnesota before the virus actually spreads.

We have a tendency to not take things seriously but this quote on the deadly virus made me realize to make a move before things go out of hand – “Everything we do before a pandemic seems alarmist. Everything we do after will seem adequate” – M. Leavitt.

Coronavirus is a pandemic and the old saying still runs true – precaution is better than cure.

Do stock up things which you will need in the worst-case scenario.

Wishing you health and happiness!

Frozen Minnesota

The legendary Minnesota Winters are back! Artistic trees stand still and bare, accepting the falling flakes. It is snooze time for little creatures, who are resting underground after a busy Fall. The wise Sun reigns supreme and his touch of warmth heals and thaws. Any small movement in the stillness gets noticed. And s.i.l.e.n.t.l.y, the disturbance becomes a part of the stillness. Not only those slippery roads but the frozen world makes you go s.l.o.w.l.y…. taking in, reveling!

Coats, hats, gloves and boots line up in the mudroom, while snow blowers get dusted off. Polite conversations end up in predictions about the weather. Festivity is in the air and things are building up for the Holy night. Everything is so white and crystal clear, covering all the darkness and dirt. Even the nights are white in Minnesota! Acceptance of the beauty of it all is what makes one enjoy and be grateful for the Frozen Minnesota.