Distance Learning vs Hybrid Model – What to choose?

As the new school session starts in the U.S. this Fall, my kids’ school district has opted for Hybrid learning model. Hybrid or blended learning integrates two days of in person classes with online education for rest of the school days.

There is a second option also for parents to proactively opt for full time digital or distance learning. Now, this is a difficult choice to make.

Messages are circulating on WhatsApp groups regarding what to choose.

I am writing this post to point out the facts so that it becomes easier for parents to choose whatever works for them. Every household is different and everyone has many things to consider before coming to a decision.

Pros and cons of distance learning:

  • safety from the pandemic
  • flexibility in studies

  • more involvement from parents

  • less peer pressure


  • too much screen time and less social interaction
  • no teacher present to supervise

  • self motivation to study which small kids lack

  • extra supervisory work for parents who would need to balance work, the household and child education

  • Pros and cons of hybrid learning:

    • social interaction and activities

    • quality education

    • best of both the worlds – in person and online

    • asynchronous learning and improved technology skills


    • fear for safety due to the pandemic during in person days
  • brand new learning model (may face logistical challenges in implementation)

  • confusing for parents, students and instructors (the district is dealing with a lot of questions as to how the model would be implemented)

  • big and steep learning curve for all

  • So, there you go parents! This to-the-point listing might help you in making your choice between the two models of learning for your child.

    Go for whatever works for you and your family. All the best and take care.

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    Small Things#14 – Ideal routine by a kid

    While my seven year old is looking for physical changes that the New Year might have brought in him and others, with comments like – ‘Mamma, my nose looks bigger in 2019’, his kid brother has been talking about ideal routine for little kids.

    Have a look at the IDEAL routine, based on his inputs –

    1) Wake up, have chocolate milk

    2) Play until breakfast

    3) Bathing time then TV time or Ipad time

    4) Lunch

    5) Playing with brother time

    6) Milk Time

    7) Movie Time

    8) Dinner Time

    9) Sleep Time

    “When is the study time?,” I asked him. “Playtime is study time for kids, Mamma,” he explained. Well, ahem, okay, ahaa!

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    Small Things#10 – School Jokes

    A fortnight back, my older one returned from school with his head full of jokes from a fun riddle book. And the great thing was he had memorized most of them. Here are a few from his mirthful joke telling session:-

    Q. How do bees ride home from school?

    A. Simple…school buzz!

    Q. What did the sloppy student put on his homework?

    A. Eeks…Peanut butter and jelly.

    Q. Why did the student put a flashlight in his lunch?

    A. Because it was a light lunch!

    Q. Why was 6 afraid of 7?

    A. Because 7 ate(8) 9.

    Q. What is a light year?

    A. A year with really little homework!

    Q. What do you call a vampire with sunglasses?

    A. Vamglasses.

    Undaunted by his brother’s volley of jokes, my little one made up a few –

    Q. Why were the strawberry shoes flying?

    A. Because it had superpower!

    Q. Why was a cow wearing underpants?A.Because it was an Underpants cow!

    Well…ahem…quite a session it was! Lol.

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    As students walkout nation wide to protest inaction of authorities on gun violence today, we stand in solidarity with them. For the sake of my kids, my neighbors’ kid and kids everywhere in the US, I hope that something gets done.

    Exactly a month ago, 17 hapless people were killed in a school shooting in Florida. It was heartbreaking! Really, Enough is Enough!

    I salute the spirit of these kids as they protest for a great cause👍. #NationalWalkoutDay

    Small Things # 7 – Positive Reinforcement

    I was pleasantly surprised to notice this paper in my son’s folder. See how the class teacher (Mrs Abrahamson, First Grade) has circled the best ‘S’ in the handwriting page instead of pointing out at not so good ones. What a small yet enormously effective way to reaffirm positive behavior! And what we do is the other way round – find faults and punish. Simply loved this and learnt from it!