Why Do Cute Indian Nicknames End with U?

uEver wondered why most of the baby names and nicknames in India end with U? Munnu, Bablu, Sonu, Monu, Bittu, Babu and the famous ‘Babyu’ popularized in the Ayushmann Khurana starrer film ‘Bala’. Although they appear to be primarily male nicknames, husbands and boyfriends are often known to sweeten the names of the beloveds, with ‘ऊ’ in the end. So Sweety becomes Sweetu, Chanda turns Chandu and Anupama is called Anu.

When I first thought about it, I Googled to find the list of popular Indian nicknames. This is what I found in the search content box:

• Aaru.
• Abhi.
• Ani.
• Anu.
• Ajju.
• Anju.
• Anshu.
• Appu.

So six out of eight nicknames end with ‘U’. Also look around you, and try to remember the nicknames of your family and friends…so many ends with ‘U’ right?

I do not know what’s the connection between affinity and the ‘ऊ’ sound but all I know is it expresses affection in Indian names. In ancient times, no two names were similar, and each child’s name was based on his appearance, family, occupation or qualities.

And I do not know how the practice of nicknames started in India. Perhaps, it was an ancient practice. Krishna has been called by so many names in the ‘The Mahabharata’ and other scriptures.

I did some research to find out the nature of the ‘ऊ’ sound, and found some notes in this blog on Sanskrit. “The second trinity of reflections (आ ā, ई ī, and ऊ ū) has a ‘lunar’ nature, due to the predominance [in them] of refreshing delight which is the essence of Repose [within Awareness] (vimarśa)”.

This ‘refreshing delight’ may be the reason why we tend to call our loved ones with names that end in ‘U’. Or there might be other reasons! While the research is on…I would love to know what do you think.

What do you call your loved ones? And most importantly, does your nickname ends with ‘U’. Mine does!


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Paw Things#1 – Meet Happy the Puppy!

I am dog agnostic. I wish them well but I keep my distance. As a child, when a dog was around, I would sit on chair or bed with my feet up. So a fortnight back, when the lady in a pet store welcomed me with the line – ‘Here comes Mommy,’ and tried to hand me a pup, I was unnerved. Good lord, I, the mother of a pup???

Well, it was dear husband’s birthday and he and the kids really wanted a cute, cuddly, furry baby. They were all bustling with excitement, so, I couldn’t say no.

I felt I was making a mistake. Adopting a puppy was a huge, huge task! All my other plans were at risk to go awry but then I was up against three dog lovers in the family. And I didn’t want to look like some vampish, scornful lady….think Lalita Pawar!

Warning bells did ring when an unknown old lady came very close to me and whispered- Good luck with that! It was a well meaning warning since she had understood my hesitation. But I did not really pay heed to it and went with the flow.

We adopted the two-month old puppy, bought all puppy things, paid the fees. signed papers etc etc… And named him HAPPY SINGH since he was adopted on the occasion of ‘Happy Birthday’.

The real struggle started in the car. The pup wanted to wrestle out of my hand and explore around. And I was scared so I was holding him too tight. I thought he would bite me but he didn’t. Somehow, we reached home.

Happy is not potty trained. So, you can imagine the struggle again. Plus he was on deworming medicine. First two days, hubby kept cleaning huge messes as I struggled to get used to the new smell and resident.

My sisters and other family members were like – But you never cared for any dog!!! On my husband’s side, everyone loves dogs, so they were excited.

My kids were super happy and they kept goading me to be happy about Happy. I noticed, hubby looked tired but enjoyed being around the pup. Only, I felt differently.

When Monday came and the three Dog lovers left, the onus fell on me completely. Every hour I took him out to do his business. Thankfully, he complied. But it was all new to me and loads of extra work.

When the kids returned, they ran straight to Happy. They had accepted him with open hearts. And the puppy loved back. Only, I was the mean one.

Tuesday, I struggled again. By night, I felt completely exhausted. I counted days for weekend to come.

A thousand times, I thought of returning the pup. But something about Happy is so endearing that I couldn’t take the decision despite all the struggle.

By the end of the week, I and him felt little settled.

This week began with struggle again but Happy is a quick learner. And he is doing well. Only I have not gotten used to his playing with me. It is bit rough but husband is training him.

As I write this post, Happy is waiting for me to take him out. This new episode has been challenging but overall I believe that Happy has come to us for a good reason.

He is a sweet puppy and I am slowly accepting him as a part of our family.

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Small Things#13 – Flying Kisses

Few days back, I had a delightful talk with the little one. I asked him, “When you, Vava (big brother) and Papa go to school and office, who will take care of mamma?” Pat came the reply, “Mamma, my kisses will take care of you! I’ll leave enough kisses flying around at home and send some from school too. The kisses will sit near the kitchen window and make you feel happy.” I laughed at the heart warming thought.

As the season of merriment and the New Year arrives, I wish we all receive such pure, luminous baby kisses in abundance to protect us from all evil and darkness. Wishing you many, many of such flying kisses always!

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Are you a warrior friend too?

Have you ever noticed how we all have a core group of people who stand up for us during difficult times? They might be close or far away. They may be our family, friends or just an acquaintance. They may not have made an appearance for years now. We might have had a fallout. But like a miracle, they start connecting with us the moment we are in need. These are our God appointed warriors! They will come for us, stand by us, no matter what. Such people should be valued and cherished. And God bless each one of them with joy and peace. 🙏🏻

Are you fortunate enough to be a god appointed warrior too… for someone?

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