5 Quotes that echo my thoughts…

I came across these 5 lovely quotes and thought of sharing it with you. I firmly believe that whatever happens may not align with our expectations but it is always for the best in the long run.

So, acceptance of the situation, gratitude for what we have and the belief that all will be well can do wonders. After all, ‘He’ is there to take care of everything! Stay lively and blissful. All will be taken care of!

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5 Flexible jobs for extra money during Covid-19

I had been looking for part-time, flexible jobs after I got my work authorization before Covid-19 took over the world. After months of research, I had made a list of jobs that could be done from home without being overwhelmed.

But then coronavirus happened and lives changed. Fortunately, most of the jobs on my list were home based jobs and those stayed unaffected despite massive layoffs everywhere.

Well, you cannot earn full time with these jobs but they do add to your income.
So, here is a list of 5 flexible jobs that you can do for extra money in your extra time. If your income has been affected due to Covid-19, you can supplement it with these flexi jobs.

Search Quality Evaluator or Internet Analyst or Rater – This is a coveted work from home job because of it’s flexibility and perks. Companies like Lionbridge, Sykes and Appen etc. indirectly employ raters for Google.

Most of the job seekers, who apply receive a PDF that has to be studied thoroughly to pass the Rater’s test. I took the test and passed. The test is in three phases and you need to closely read the PDF and follow the guidelines to pass. Some of the Google rating companies like Sykes pay less but hire people (they give benefits as well) while Lionbridge etc. pay more but onboard you as a contractor. You need to make your own choice.

The job involves rating Google search results for quality and relevance. You cannot work for more than 15-20 hours a week. (India, US)

Contact Tracer – This job has been born out of the pandemic. Recently, I came across this on my job search site and here is what I know about it. Contact Tracers have to follow a script to call contacts of newly diagnosed patients and communicate in a professional and empathetic manner about the pandemic.

They need to collect and record information on symptoms as well inform about local quarantine/isolation procedures. The job may be temporary but they are hiring people in huge numbers. There is some training involved and pay is good. (US only)

Online Tutor – My stint as a substitute teacher had been quite positive before Covid-19. This was a flexible job that I could do at my will. The pay scale was satisfactory and there were possibilities of growth.

But then the pandemic happened and education became remote and digitized. So the demand for online tutoring soared up and I realized it is here to stay. Switching to be an online tutor does not seem to be a bad choice at all.

I have come across many apps and companies connecting students with tutors. Also, many teaching certifications are being offered by organizations. Do avail and give it a try if you have a passion for teaching because the prospects of this job look pretty good throughout the world. (India, US)

Virtual Assistant – It’s a great time for Virtual Assistants as many businesses are operating completely online. Virtual assistants are independent contractors who help to keep things organized and complete administrative tasks.

Virtual assistants take on different tasks that include writing and responding to emails, creating and distributing relevant documents, responding to inquiries, writing and creating content, and more.

They take on a variety of roles and this job has potential for growth. You can search for virtual assistant jobs at Upwork and Zirtual. I have no personal experience with this but the job looks great for people who want to work from home. (India, US)

Translator – If you are a bilingual then a translator’s job might work for you. If you are not sure about this just try being a volunteer transcriber or translator with Ted Talks to learn and practice your skills. They have a great set up for volunteers and it’s fun. If that works for you, go ahead apply.  The language companies, after shortlisting your resume, often take a brief interview regarding your skills with both the languages.

Mostly, hospitals and legal procedures require services of a translator. And you need to be on voice or video calls during the translating process. This means you need to look presentable and have no distractions. The pay is less but flexibility is great.

Another job option is that of transcriber if you have a great typing speed and attention to detail capability.

These job options are legit and can provide you with decent extra income. But please, please, please use your discretion before applying and check whether the offer is legit or not. It is very important to do a background check of any company before applying to avoid frauds and scams. And if any of the companies ask money for training purposes do not go for it.

All the best and may you get what you are looking for!

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A small note of hope to You!

Bhagavad-Gita-Quotes-3Hello there! How are you doing? Chances are that you are in the same situation as I am, just hanging in and waiting for this ordeal to pass. With uncertainties looming and a blurry future, going with the flow from moment to moment is the best thing to do. It keeps you afloat.

Who knew the world would change so drastically in a span of just two months? Did the people who live through the World War had the same feeling as ours? Maybe! Well, I know there are things at the back of your mind that comes to bug you often. It is only human to think, plan and analyse about the future. I have been doing it too.

But in between thoughts, struggle and survival, do not forget to breathe and appreciate what you still have – life! And with life, anything is possible!

You never know what opportunities this pandemic holds for you. Still, if everything looks dark, just hang on, it’s about to be dawn. When there is collective misery, it won’t last long. Hold on! We just have to keep looking out for each other during this time.

Therefore, dear friend, I am sharing some of my favorite quotes to brighten your moment and hoping that you will like it. Sending lots of prayers for health, luck, peace and success to the world! Stay safe and be well.

hope quote2

hope quote


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A gift for kids – Short Bedtime Story of Nidra Devi

Here is what happens when the Goddess of Sleep, falls asleep herself! How will she wake up? Who will save the world? Read this free 5-minutes tale in this blog to know more.

‘Nidra Devi Goes to Sleep’ is a present for your little ones from my side for being good at home and bravely coping with the ‘new normal’ like a superhero.

    Nidra Devi Goes to Sleep

As a child, everyone must have known Nidra Devi. But as grownups, we have all forgotten about her and her stories.

She is the goddess of sleep! Just thinking about her makes us YAWN and yearn for sweet slumber in a cozy bed.

She arrives in the moment juuust before we sleep, carrying a bucket full of dreams that she pours on our eyelids. And our eyes close, voice slurs, bodies relax, and we begin to breathe rhythmically zzz… She is very tiny, soft, light, and feathery. Her presence is as soothing as cold breeze during hot summertime.

She is somewhat like tooth fairy but very, very shy. No one has seen her; some kids have tried but they could not. She does not like being seen, I believe.

This is the story of the night when Nidra Devi fell asleep, herself.  Wait, what, how??? Well, that night was different. Something strange had happened. It was not normal. People were tossing and turning in their beds. Even animals and birds were awake. And magical creatures like fairies, hobbits, elves wondered – Where was Nidra Devi?

Well, our dear Nidra Devi had an accident. That evening, when she was flying down from the sky, her tiny wings flapped in the strong wind and she accidentally toppled the dream bucket over herself.

Some of the dreams went into her eyes, and in her drowsy state she landed on Earth. Nearby, there was a dark underground cave and she was so sleepy that she went inside to sleep.

Meanwhile, every being on the Earth was awake. Animals howled, birds chirped, babies wailed, kids cried, and grownups were cranky without sleep. It was a terrible night. But the second night was even worst because Nidra Devi kept sleeping.

Life became terrible after that.  There were no lullabies for babies, no sweet dreams for children and no relaxation for anyone. Tired people began to walk like zombies.  Everyone was worried but no sleep came. Unaware of the chaos in the world, Nidra Devi slept on for six days in that underground cave.

She saw scary dreams of hollow-eyed people and kids crying for comfort but just could not wake up. It seemed like too much dream liquid had gone into her eyes.

All the demi-gods were worried. How to wake up Nidra Devi? Who could reach that dark, underground cave quickly? Who would save the world?

On the seventh day, one Tiny Ray of Light, offered to wake up Nidra Devi and save the world. “You are small and insignificant, how will you wake her up,” the demi-gods laughed at him. “Oh, I can! I travel faster than anything else. And a ray of light can reach the darkest place and make a difference,” he said.

The demi-gods did not believe him but gave him a chance because really no one could travel as quickly as light.

So, the Tiny Ray of Light wore his brightest costume and emerged from the Sun. Piercing the darkest corners of the earth, and getting reflected from shiny surfaces, he found a crevice in the cave, where Nidra Devi slept.

He entered through the crevice like a little superhero, and at once, the dark cave lit up. Finally, Nidra Devi woke up with a start.

“Oh, I have been sleeping and the world is in chaos. Thank you for waking me up or else horrible things would have happened. You are a little super-hero! I will call you – Superhero Ray. You saved the world!” Nidra Devi said gratefully and flew out of the cave to do her duty. The demi-gods applauded, and everyone thanked the Tiny Ray of Light.

That night, tired and gloomy people of the Earth became hopeful again. Nidra Devi worked extra hard to pour sweet dreams on everyone. With big yawns, slurring voices and heavy bodies, people went to bed early. Everyone slept very peacefully after seven days of chaos. And Nidra Devi created funny dream-videos of Superhero Ray, especially for kids.

And the Tiny Ray of Light felt proud of himself. He never knew he could make that BIG a difference! He became famous as Superhero Ray because he had illuminated the world!

(Images based on drawings by Adiraj Singh.)

Small Things#26 – Distance learning on the go!

The third trimester in the U.S. schools is from April to June, when education is in full swing but this year, Covid 19 has changed everything.

Educators are scampering for smooth running of distance learning programs to complete the courses. Their efforts are laudable in reaching out to every student through apps like Seesaw, Starfall and Epic.

But really, onus is now on parents to coordinate and make sure that kids are doing their tasks rather than exploring stuff on the tablets and iPads – the devices that were once banned at homes.

At my place, the distance learning was a little haphazard with mixed up activities and responses in the first week but this week it is better. I believe, homeschooling kids would be tough for working parents (working from home due to coronavirus) who might have to to balance work while making sure the kids are doing their job in between meal times and other duties.

Parenting and distance learning are now going side by side. Task it is, but it’s for the sake of our kids, right? So, I am thankful and have started getting a hang of how homeschooling works.

Teachers post activities on the Seesaw app and communicate through emails while students are expected to respond and answer. There is also a timetable that divides the time to what they are expected to do every 30 minutes. It is hard to enforce the time table at home, so it is made flexible and that is a relief.

Also, the principal and teachers are posting some videos to make it all look normal to the kids. And they are asking for feedback and help to make it work. Great effort!

There are a few glitches which we need to handle because I believe this distance learning will last till the end of the term or may be more than that.

As for me, I am learning to handle my third graders math problems in the way he has been taught (which is so different from what I learned decades ago).

It should be remembered that there are no prescribed text books or answer copies in the U.S. Students do not carry books and notebooks to school. It is all hands on learning, which is different from how I studied.

I am also learning to manage the learning apps with my kindergartner. I am trying to make it all work. I guess, the distance learning is also educating me, in a different way.

Education is a shared commitment among students, educators and parents. In the current scenario, I feel, enthusiastic involvement of parents is required more than ever. “Children are the priority, change is the reality, collaboration is the strategy.”

The great thing is – We are in this together!

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