Just a thought – Prayer vs Surrender

Prayer is a serene walk in Gratitude. Surrender is a carefree dance in Joy!

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The Lovely Lady on the Bench


I see her everyday on that bench. It is curious that I have never seen her face. Her wrinkled hand rests at the back of the bench as she sits still, statue like. I am sure she would make an excellent model for a sculpture.

She has the bearing of royalty. Her dress, although plain, looks neat and a scarf covers her head. I don’t know what thoughts run through her mind as she sits there from morning till midday and then leaves unseen. Nobody accompanies her, no one takes her hand and sits by her for a while.

Today, I wanted to have a good look at the mysterious old lady. Also, I wanted to be of some kind of help.

I went out to meet her. She was crying. But the tears were not of grief but of gratitude. She was in deep conversation with God. She was with God! She needed no one!

This is my entry to the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by the lovely Priceless Joy. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. This challenge is open to all who would like to participate. For more information, click HERE. Thank you Andy for the picture.

A note and gift for Santa Claus from a four year old

  Dear Santa, 

I have been a good boy this year. I am sending you a ring this year to say ‘thank you’.

 I wish for:

1) A spyglass

2) A dinosaur for my little brother Aviraj

Thank you,


(This is what my four-year-old came up with when I asked him what he wants from Santa Claus this Christmas. He thought about giving first. He said we should give star war ring to Santa Claus, make him happy and also cook food for him. He also thought of giving carrots to Santa’s reindeers on their arrival. He went on to tell me about the gifts he wanted – Spyglass like Jake the pirate. And wished for a dinosaur for his baby brother. 

So, together we put together this special note and gift for Santa Claus and have kept it at a safe place for Him. Hope we make Santa smile this magic season…Ho Ho Ho)

As I Sank on My Knees!

As I sank on my knees,

To pray to thee,

For riches and glee,

The following thoughts came to me…


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Thank You: A Letter to You



Cheers! This is to you who is reading the post. Just the fact that you are reading this, makes me feel, so immensely and profoundly grateful to you. There is a feeling of abundance in me and I am very happy for being read and appreciated. Hope you receive my feeling of gratitude in the same proportion that I experience it.

I started blogging at the end of January 2015 and the journey so far has been exhilarating, incredible and uplifting entirely because of you.

This post is to say thank you to all my readers who read me, liked me, commented on my posts, corrected me, advised me, motivated me, encouraged me and even criticised me. The immediate cause of this write up to acknowledge the awards extended to me by fellow blogger friends, who appreciated my efforts in the form of award nominations.

I am indebted to:

Vagabond Velda for Liebster Award ( https://vagabonvelda.wordpress.com)
Nimi Naren for Liebster Award (https://simplemomentsoflife.wordpress.com)
Millie Thom for Liebster Award x 2 (https://milliethom.wordpress.com)
Nimi Naren for The Premio Dardos Award ((https://simplemomentsoflife.wordpress.com)
Ritu for The Creative Blogger Award (https://butismileanyway.wordpress.com)

I am sorry, commitments at hand do not allow me to have the time require to follow the rules but coming from these avid blogger friends, the awards mean so much to me. The wonderful posts of the inimitable Vagabond Velda, the heart warming prose of Nimi Naren, the informative works of Millie Thom and the endearing blogs of Ritu are worth reading and following.

I must also take this opportunity to say a big thank you to my husband, family and friends (especially Vijay, Bhuvana and Deepak), who initiated me into the world of personal blogging. And then there are my talented blogging friends ( Barbara Beacham, Priceless Joy, Johnyeo, Olden Gray, Drailman, Yarnspinerr, Surindranath ji, Davendrak, Miniscrypt and many others) plus my social media friends, who keep me going.

Last but not the least, I am whole heartedly thankful to you – Dear reader. It is because of you that I write!

Wait a Minute, Count Your Blessings!


I felt grateful today. And subsequently, on top of the world!

There was no particular reason to be happy actually I was quite morose. I just happened to remember the popular hymn, which we sang everyday in our school assembly...Count your blessings name them one by one.

But I did not want to count my blessings. I wanted to feel sorry for myself and indulge in self-pity. So, I started counting all the bad things that were happening to me. I wrote:
1. I don’t like the shape of my body after two pregnancies.
2. I am too busy with the household and kids to do whatever I want.
3. I want to go out but the climatic conditions are not suitable here.
4. I know people bitch about me behind my back.
5. All my dreams of making it big is shattered in this mundane existence.

There were many more bad things I wanted to write and write about. But somehow as I re-read the bad things. I thought those were just half-a-truth. There was something parallel attached to each one of it. So, I added a sentence to each:
1. I don’t like the shape of my body after two pregnancies. But I have two lovely kids who are the world to me.
2. I am too busy with the household and kids to do whatever I want. But they are the cutest responsibilities, I cannot miss on their childhood for anything.
3. I want to go out but the climatic conditions are not suitable here. That’s why we make the best of staying indoors and enjoy some cosy family time.
4. I know people bitch about me behind my back. I am happy because at least I am not forgotten.
5. All my dreams of making it big is shattered in this mundane existence. Well, at least I have dreams and it is never too late!

Now, the second five point draft was closer to the truth. I felt good. So, I actually started counting my blessings. They were endless…I could think, I could write, I could walk, I could eat, I could laugh, I had loved ones and friends, I was not poor, I could draw well, I could explore the world…the list was endless. And the biggest of all blessings was…I was alive and so were my hopes!

As I started contemplating on my blessings, I could not help praying and thanking god for all I had and even for those I did not have. Because I felt If God denied us something, it is for our own good.

All of us have big and small problems. But no problem comes without a solution, sooner or later. We need to adjust and focus on the blessings attached it. I am sure ..there is always a blessing, we just need to find it! And we need to be grateful. If we are blind, we need to be grateful that we have our two hands intact. And if we do not have limbs, we should be grateful to have a thinking mind.

I found out that gratitude is really…the magic feel good potion that nourishes us from within. So, rather than wasting time in feeling sorry for myself and cursing the world, I will count my blessings from now…

If you want to feel good, join!