Now Designing T-shirts on

You have to agree, the good side-effect of the pandemic is – huge surge in creativity. Singers are singing more, painters are painting more, writers are writing more… And I have started a new thing – designing T-shirts to sell on Amazon.

I know many of you are doing it already. It is fun, isn’t it? And who knows we might get lucky. Some great people have already bought my designs and I am so grateful to them.

I am currently a beginner as a T-shirt designer but I like what I am doing. Experimenting, creating and putting it all together… it is awesome!

Do check out the designs and tell me are they good enough for you? Any suggestion would be super helpful.

For Masked Beauties, Wellness Enthusiasts, Aviation Lovers and Cool Techies (US only).

View my shop on Redbubble as well, there are masks in there too and these products are available everywhere. (

Thank you for checking them out! Stay safe and take care.

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