Small Thing#3 – Sad but can’t help it!

How true are these words! We are all self proclaimed stars! We are a generation, armed with technology to showcase ourselves anywhere and everywhere…in the best possible light. And we are doing it, running after it, competing for one second of fame on our social media world! But what do we have to offer? ….Ugghh…Seriously?

As we record our ongoing history – friends bargain likes for likes, propagandists mix up facts, fiction becomes fact! Everyone’s beautiful through edited selfies, borrowed wisdom, sugary moments, lovely videos…anyone can be a star in our generation! What a beautiful place! Really? What a maze! What should be believed in? What should be followed? And, haven’t we excelled in editing…in fact… editing out reality, itself?

I guess, posterity will have a tough time sieving truth and excellence out of our recorded history. Because we all know that sparkling gems are being covered by piles and piles of fire crackers!

 But we all love it, don’t we? Can’t help it!


16 thoughts on “Small Thing#3 – Sad but can’t help it!


    You have the ability to change things. Getting back to basics as far as morality is concerned, showing responsible behavior and thinking of others first. If we can turn out rather than in, we have power beyond our understanding. Technology comes and goes in a flash. The truth remains. Trust first in God😍

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    1. Beautiful way of putting things across… thanks so much! Sometimes I wonder what would be the next in technology and how much farther we will go from ourselves. Your lines here have the power to show the right path. ‘Turning in’ is the key as you said😀👏

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  2. A thought-provoking post, Shivangi. I’m too old to have been part of the technology obsessed generation, and have to agree with what you say. Like you, I wonder where it will lead to next. It is so hard to know what we can trust to be actually real or true nowadays. 😀

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    1. Right Millie… I just hope our recorded history does justice to reality and posterity doesn’t take the distortions and edited forms for reality😀. Thank you for reading😀


  3. Nice article loaded with truth. I remember the quote of Albert Einstein I read months ago -” I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” His genius mind guessed it right.


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