Do you need healing? Meet Dr. Haritha Chiluka!

I had a very vague idea about holistic healing techniques before meeting Dr. Haritha Chiluka, a certified Pranic Healer. There were so many doubts and biases! I wanted to try out this no-touch healing method for two reasons. First to understand how it works and second, to know whether it works at all.

And this curiosity made me sign up for one of her healing sessions for overall wellness. How will you heal me? I asked her. You will heal yourself, she said with a smile. 

I was mentally prepared for an intense, exaggerated session of loud mantra chanting and some sort of ceremony but this was different. I just sat comfortably at a quiet place and Haritha began her healing on camera. The process was simple. 

But I was not ready for the surprise after the session. She had perfectly assessed my backache though I had not mentioned I was suffering from it. And my back felt so much better after the healing! 

She has impressive stories of healing people in the US as well as from India. She never forgets to mention one thing – You don’t have to be sick for healing sessions or meditation, you just need to do it for living a healthier and happier life. 

Negative thoughts and emotions create blockages in our energy body, which results in disease with time. Chronic diseases often have underlying emotional causes. Using pranic healing, we can cleanse these blockages, thereby accelerating the body’s ability to heal itself, she explains.

I thought I must introduce this positive and unique lady to all my dear readers. She is doing some wonderful things for the community. Do read Haritha’s interview to know more about her and the Pranic Healing technique. Do reach out to her for a free consultation if you wish. You can also contact her if you just want to explore and experience an ancient healing method.

What made you start and learn Pranic healing technique?

I always wanted to learn meditation, especially after reading somewhere that Swami Vivekananda had a photographic memory.

But actually, a college friend introduced me to Pranic healing through a magazine article. The article talked about aura around people, and I connected with that because sometimes I saw aura (brilliant light) around some people. 

Around the same time, my mother’s wound got healed by her colleague, who was a Pranic healer. My mother got interested in healing and she asked me to accompany her to a Pranic healing class. I was more interested to learn meditation but she sort of convinced me by saying that they taught meditation as well. 

Anyway, we attended the first class and that’s how my love for Pranic healing started. I was very impressed from Day 1, as everything I knew or experienced had a scientific explanation. (For example, on Day 1, they informed that salt disintegrated negative energy – that’s why it’s used in Nazar Utarna. They also encouraged us to feel the energy between hands.)

Later, after studying pharmacology (I am a Ph.D. in pharmacology) which is essentially how drugs work, it became clearer that medicines do a wonderful job in reducing the symptoms but do nothing to the root of the problem. And that’s where Pranic Healing comes in. Pranic Healing is a good complementary therapy that works on energy body and eliminates the root cause of illnesses.

Can you explain how Pranic healing works on the body?

Our body has the innate ability to heal itself. Our physical body is interpenetrated by the energy body and extends beyond the physical body. Any disease first manifests in the energy body and then shows up on the physical body. Often people feel discomfort even before their body falls sick. Clairvoyantly, this is seen as grey energy.

In Pranic healing, we cleanse this energy body, and by the law of correspondence, the physical body heals. 

Also, our thoughts and emotions affect our body (For example, think of a lemon and your mouth waters, watch a comedy movie you laugh.)

Conventional medicine works great for the body. But it does not address our emotions and thoughts (energy) which affect our body. If our energy is negative (due to stress, problems, situations) it creates blockages in our energy body but using Pranic healing we can cleanse these blockages.

Please tell us the process of Pranic healing?

Pranic healing is a no-touch energy healing system, it can be done in-person and distantly. I do virtual healings. 

Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, studied energy body, and chakras extensively for many years and he observed energetic patterns in each disease condition and gave protocols to heal like a cookbook approach. 

When a person comes for healing I assess the energy body and chakras and use the appropriate protocol. I also do Pranic psychotherapy for stress, negative emotions & thoughts (fear, phobias, addictions).

Please share a few testimonials?

I had chronic lower back pain and Haritha’s remote soothing healing made me feel very relaxed. I couldn’t feel any pain after the session ended – Shivangi

Got get rid of kidney stones.- Raghavendra Srikanth 

Tinnitus reduced…. -Anitha

Long time Shoulder and neck pain reduced – C.S

Long time Dog hair allergy reduced – P.S

Kindly share some tips for self-healing?

One of the major causes of disease is stress. According to stress researcher Hans Selye, stress is mostly emotional (anger, irritability, resentment). Sadly, many people are not even aware that they have stress and think it’s normal how they are feeling.

Meditation has great benefits in relieving stress yet many people don’t practice. When you have the right technique, it’s like a spiritual shower just as important as your daily shower for the body. My go-to is Meditation on twin hearts.

Another important aspect is that many of us hold onto anger/hurt for God knows how long but forgiveness is one of the best ways to keep our mind and body healthy. Forgiveness heals!

Also, our breath is so important and most people have the wrong breathing pattern. Consciously practice abdominal breathing (belly breathing), it rejuvenates the body instantly. Taking breath breaks during the day is more rejuvenating than a coffee break.

Kindly share your contact info. Also please tell us about your sessions.

I guide people through my program “Unleash the innate healing power” – a 6-week program that includes 1:1 healings and guided practices like an emotional detox.

Invariably everyone goes through stress, one doesn’t have to be sick to get healing. Pranic healing helps in healing physical, emotional health, relationships, and finances. I also do free weekly stress relief meditation. People can connect with me through email, Instagram or Facebook.

Contact :

FB: pranicway

Instagram : @pranicway

Thank you Haritha for your great answers. It is wonderful what you are doing. More power to you!

#MinneapolisUprising: From Serenity to Riots


While on a video call with my college friends a week back, I had commented – there is an underlying serenity and spirituality in this Land of 10,000 lakes in the US. I was talking about the ethereal beauty of Minneapolis.

But things changed in a span of four days when George Floyd, an African-American man died after Derek Chauvin a white police officer knelt on his neck for more than 8 minutes and Floyd became unresponsive. Onlookers shot videos of Chauvin and three police officers involved in this and the city turned chaotic.

This incident was heart breaking but the response to the incident was unimaginable. The protest took the form of riots and spread faster across the country than the already raging pandemic. Twenty U.S. cities woke up to pillaging, looting, fire, violence, demonstrations and arrests, the epicenter being in Minneapolis.

There is so much anger in not just African-American community but in every community because ‘Floyd’s incident’ was such an inhuman act. Things are just flaring up and then there are many political forces at play owing to the upcoming US presidential elections in November.

Last night, the Indian community circulated messages warning everyone to stay vigilant due to the developing situation. Night curfew has been imposed in most cities as the tension doesn’t seem to deescalate.

One can perceive tension in the air as protests can take any form. Governor Tim Walz has authorized full mobilization of the National Guard in a historic attempt to tackle what he calls as “a now organized attempt to tear down civil society.” Minnesota officials believe outsiders are hijacking protests and ‘attacking civil society’.

Any riot anywhere is very unfortunate and seeing this unfolding in Minneapolis is distressing. However, some people posted heartwarming images of people coming together to help clean up and rebuild – ‘The Silent Majority’ of Americans who believe in the cause but not in violence.

As I write this, protest is going on in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday evening. It is peaceful now and the curfew would start in about three hours.

As a current resident of Minneapolis, I wish peace and joy to this beautiful city. ‘Minnesota Nice’ is the term used for people here because they are nice, courteous, affable and generous. I hope and pray serenity and niceness takes over while upholding justice.

““The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by a sense of futility.” – Martin Luther King Jr. #MinneapolisRiots

May justice and peace prevail!


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Listening to Sonu Nigam at Minneapolis concert!

PAGE-SANKARA-SONU-NIGAM-SAN-JOSE-CONCERT-03-DSC_0721Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin – when Sonu Nigam crooned this song at a concert in Minnesota, the crowd went still. The singer’s voice had an amazing melody and depth that soothed the over enthusiastic, frenzied crowd and made them listen, intently. Before the singer’s entry, the concert was average, where upcoming singers mostly performed on the latest, peppy Bollywood remixes, but he transformed it into something special. When he sang, it was clear, he did not need additional accompaniments, suggestive dance moves and props to spice up his performance, his voice had it all!

Even when not singing, his voice, carried the same melody. And he did miracles with his song – lifting, lowering, extending, shortening, pausing – unpredictable twists that made the audience respond with thunderous applause. At one point of time, during the concert, the audience went so overboard that they blocked the fire exit, the singer had to make a request to restore order. The security had a tough time containing the crowd who had come to listen to one of the most well loved singers in Bollywood.

Sonu Nigam and Neha Kakkar, the two biggies of Indian Music Industry, are currently performing in a number of cities in the US and Canada. And we had the good fortune of attending one of those concerts in Minneapolis on Saturday, with our lovely family friends. It was a night to remember in amazing company!


Now talking about remix queen Neha Kakkar –  she definitely had the crowd eating out of her hand, as she wriggled and danced akin to Shakira, but was not melodious. She had a shrill and powerful voice, that entertained, but did not really touch the heart. It was her latkas and jhatkas that entertained more!

Coming back to Sonu Nigam, his dedication to music seemed real, palpable and fame seems to be just one part of it. Small wonder then that he has held his own for decades despite a crowd of eager, fresh singers striving in Bollywood and changes in music style. Plus the guy doesn’t seem to age at all! To my great joy, someone in the audience requested to sing ‘Bijuriya’, and he sang with an amazing alacrity, giving it a perfect end with the famous ‘Moonwalk’ step!

If you ask for my personal favourite from his bunch of songs that included – Suraj Hua Madham and Hans Mat Pagli, I would say the song mentioned in the opening line of this post – Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin. That song was sublime!

As I watched the singer’s performance, one thing seemed sure. He did not belong to that rising group of people, who do passable work for instant fame. Unfortunately, the ‘chalu’ type of work has invaded all arts across the world. Integrity, dedication and hard work increasingly replaced by quick something for social media fame. Thankfully, the singer seems to belong to a select, small group of people, who practice art for sake of art!


I have been listening to Sonu Nigam’s songs right from my teenage years and have always liked him. But it was a different experience to hear him live. In between the songs, the singer paused and remarked – ‘when I’ll die, this song will be played for sure.’ And he sang – Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai Roop Zindagi from ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. Well, none of us would like that to happen, ever. May he continue to enthrall us all with his soulful singing!

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That deep inhalation of fresh air..

That day, nature invited me for a deep breath of fresh air. A lone yellow leaf entered my house and extended the loving invitation.

But there were too many other pressing invites too. There was the ipad enticing me to browse the net, and the alluring phone beeped constantly to connect and then the tv tried its best to fascinate me by playing my favourite film. And above all, there were loads of household jobs that demanded my immediate attention but I declined them all and accepted nature’s invite.

As I ran out of our apartment and inhaled deeply…every cell in my body laughed. Freshness entered my being, my eyes brightened and my skin rejuvenated.

Plump berries, wayside flowers and falling leaves greeted me. I had been breathing stale air for so long that I had forgotten what a deep breath of fresh air felt like. I took few deep breaths and wondered why I stopped appreciating the real things in life. Cuddly clouds, blue sky, yellow trees, stunning sunlight..what rare beauty! Minneapolis (USA), being the land of 10,000 lakes, offers soul soothing views throughout the year.

And the moment, I saw the glimpse of this lake amidst thick foliage – my heart sang ….

I sat on a bench browsing nature, connecting with squirrels and rabbits, entertaining myself with the vibrant natural life. How much I had missed this natural abundance! I had been taking these soul touching things for granted…it was entirely my loss.

After spending few minutes in the lap of natural splendour, I felt beautiful and revived.

I promised nature to accept its invite more often from now and got a fleeting kiss from sunrays…

Since then, I have got sucked back into the world of gadgets and stale air and not kept my promise with nature. Technology has once again claimed my life but I need to go back to nature to feel beautiful, loved and glorious.

I cherished that little stolen date with nature…for that deep inhalation of fresh air had literally taken my breath away! Hope to relive that simple yet wonderful day once again…

Unobserved Through A Car Window

Most people hate to wait in a car, while others are shopping. But I simply love it. It usually has calming effect on me. I feel happy when I sit peacefully and watch people and things around me while being completely hidden from view. The panorama of life…the curious human behaviour is totally enchanting. And you never know, when you get lucky enough to encounter a great story-in-the-making.

Unobserved through a car window, I have seen many such wonderful finished and unfinished stories in India, and now in the US. The other day, I happened to encounter something akin to a crime thriller. Now I would like to add that not one word here is fiction.

Few weeks back, we went to Mac Donald’s. It was a little cold so I preferred staying in the car with my baby while my husband and toddler went ahead to order a take- away. The onset of Spring in Minneapolis is very scenic …the changing colours of the sky the whitish-green hue of the Earth presented a beautiful picture. I started singing an old song to myself while my baby slept on. It was then that I saw him.

He was a young man of about twenty five years of age. He got out of a maroon van that was parked horizontally across ours in the parking lot. He seemed quite charming and walked with a swagger. But I felt something was not right, when I noticed him picking up half burnt cigarettes from bins. He would ensure that no one was looking and stealthily pick another. He entered the Mac Donald’s. Meanwhile, I looked at his car. There was no number plate.

I also noticed that there was someone else driving that car, he looked like a bouncer at a night club. He was bald with an unpleasant demeanour. That man was looking around with bloodshot eyes. I hid myself.  Meanwhile, the young man returned to the van. The next moment, I saw a green car zooming towards the van. It parked next to it. The young man got down and entered the other car and closed the door. It seemed that they were doing some dealings.

My husband returned. And I managed the last glimpse of the suspicious man returning to his car after…perhaps…closing the deal. Both the cars left and I kept wondering…was he some drug-dealer or a criminal? Or was he just a regular guy and I was seeing too much into it?  Maybe they were all friends out for fun. But why wasn’t there any number plate on the car?  So, my story remained unfinished and I was left guessing.

I thought a lot about the incident and regretted my decision of not informing the police for three reasons. First, if he were a criminal, he would have been caught. Second, my story would have been finished and third, I would boast of being the heroine of a real crime thriller in this blog 🙂

Mum in Minneapolis

imageLast year when we came to Minneapolis in USA, I had no idea that there would be an addition in our family of three – I, My husband and our two year old son. We moved in winters, when the climate is severe…savage I would say, and a zero degree day is supposed to be a warm day. Coming from India, a warmer place, I felt like crying when I stood shivering at the airport waiting for a cab.

The first few days, I would move around my house in a snow jacket and socks but gradually, I got moderately acclimatised. It was not long when I discovered that I was going to be a mum again…new place, new people, new way of life and a newborn! I was unsure how I would manage everything. But I must say Minneapolis has a beautiful way of treating its people, she makes everyone feel at home despite having a very harrowing climactic conditions.

I watched the first snowfall of my life through a window. It was like meditation and I knew everything was going to be alright. Slowly, memories from my childhood in a small town in India, started getting revived as we passed along the beautiful lakes and rows of long trees. The small town feel, the ever smiling faces and nods of passers by, the laid back life transported me back to my childhood days when the world was ‘not in a hurry’. I would share the wonderful pictures with parents, siblings and friends back home.

Target was the first store I visited in the US. It was huge! Weekly visits to the Walmart and the Indian store (TBS) became a part of life. Then there was daily chat with sis in law through phone. I started liking the place. My spirited two year old too had a playroom of his own to mess up. One gets such adorable stuff for kids here in ToysRus. It just brings out the child in you. I admit, I was cowed down by the vastness of the Mall of America initially, then it was sheer fun going there. And in the dollar tree you could get any stuff for a dollar! Everywhere my son was treated very father in law rightly says…a child is a king in USA!

In the mornings, picturesque sights greeted me through my window. In Minneapolis, when the ground is white, nature uses the sky as a canvas and when it is summer, the place is in blooms…colourful, vibrant, vivacious and to say the least,…it revives you from within. Visits to the Fairview clinics for my pregnancy check ups were fun too. My toddler befriended nurses and the doctor there.

However, life threw challenges now and then. I was often sick and with a two year old and the cooking and cleaning, I felt really tired. I missed India then. In India, you get help and maids are available but here, it was a pain to work even when I was sick. Also, one misses family, friends, festivals, marriages, social gatherings, the chaos, the heat, surprisingly, even the negative things…everything. There are two things I would wish I could really import from India – beauty parlours where eyebrow is plucked not waxed and second, underground enclosed parkings so that one doesn’t have to brave the brutal cold.

My son turned three and soon after I had my newborn baby boy through c-section. I thought I would crack up…as my parents in law could not reach on time and the baby came early. But the hospital, the staff everyone were just wonderful. I cannot express how gentle and caring the nurses were! And at this critical time of my life, our little circle of friends supported us like rock. We were provided with care and unconditional support.  I am very thankful to each one of them…and I pray to God to keep them blessed always. My hubby was like a one-man-army throughout this period.

It was a nice family time when parents in law arrived and we heaved a sigh of relief. One of our closest friends brought a swing for our little baby boy, and it was magic through and through! My baby just loved swinging in it, leaving me free to do other chores. The fall season in Minneapolis was pure wonder…we enjoyed family rides, get-togethers and outings.

It is winters again here. My preschooler has started going to school and loves it. At home, we speak Hindi because of the fear that he might forget his mother tongue, so picking up the English language is a bit tough for him…but how he enjoys blabbering in English! My baby has outgrown the swing and loves to independently move around.

Whenever we go out…it is like going back to my childhood days in a small town in India, snugly sitting with my father…passing long trees on a wide road, stopping occasionally to look at a beautiful bird and just chatting away. I think this is what my boys will remember when we go back to India.

It has been one amazing year in Minneapolis for me . President Obama rightly reflected recently that there is a natural affinity between the two democratic nations…India and USA. I think, it is because both the countries love reaching out to newcomers and acceptance level is high.

I cannot help feel ‘at home’ in Minneapolis.