Unobserved Through A Car Window

Most people hate to wait in a car, while others are shopping. But I simply love it. It usually has calming effect on me. I feel happy when I sit peacefully and watch people and things around me while being completely hidden from view. The panorama of life…the curious human behaviour is totally enchanting. And you never know, when you get lucky enough to encounter a great story-in-the-making.

Unobserved through a car window, I have seen many such wonderful finished and unfinished stories in India, and now in the US. The other day, I happened to encounter something akin to a crime thriller. Now I would like to add that not one word here is fiction.

Few weeks back, we went to Mac Donald’s. It was a little cold so I preferred staying in the car with my baby while my husband and toddler went ahead to order a take- away. The onset of Spring in Minneapolis is very scenic …the changing colours of the sky the whitish-green hue of the Earth presented a beautiful picture. I started singing an old song to myself while my baby slept on. It was then that I saw him.

He was a young man of about twenty five years of age. He got out of a maroon van that was parked horizontally across ours in the parking lot. He seemed quite charming and walked with a swagger. But I felt something was not right, when I noticed him picking up half burnt cigarettes from bins. He would ensure that no one was looking and stealthily pick another. He entered the Mac Donald’s. Meanwhile, I looked at his car. There was no number plate.

I also noticed that there was someone else driving that car, he looked like a bouncer at a night club. He was bald with an unpleasant demeanour. That man was looking around with bloodshot eyes. I hid myself.  Meanwhile, the young man returned to the van. The next moment, I saw a green car zooming towards the van. It parked next to it. The young man got down and entered the other car and closed the door. It seemed that they were doing some dealings.

My husband returned. And I managed the last glimpse of the suspicious man returning to his car after…perhaps…closing the deal. Both the cars left and I kept wondering…was he some drug-dealer or a criminal? Or was he just a regular guy and I was seeing too much into it?  Maybe they were all friends out for fun. But why wasn’t there any number plate on the car?  So, my story remained unfinished and I was left guessing.

I thought a lot about the incident and regretted my decision of not informing the police for three reasons. First, if he were a criminal, he would have been caught. Second, my story would have been finished and third, I would boast of being the heroine of a real crime thriller in this blog 🙂

6 thoughts on “Unobserved Through A Car Window

  1. Deepak

    Beautiful writing. I just “witnessed” the incident 🙂 and we all love observing through a window, with the world not knowing about it. About the incident, i think you did right by not reporting the incident at that time. What was a harmless, possible drug deal could have snowballed into an incident had the police arrived, with you and family around. Some stories are best left unfinished. Sometimes, it’s good not to know everything.


  2. Deepak

    And yes, the call to police could have been made once you guys were in a safe zone. But that’s fine; life will provide enough opportunities to become a heroine dear 🙂


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