Covid is on the rise in MN, yet again!

Pay heed, Covid is rising again, especially in Minnesota! I wasn’t paying much attention to it until I went to a nearby school as a substitute and found many kids were sick at home or recovering from Covid. It felt like deja vu, similar to events that happened in 2020, only children were not affected then.

Students in my kids’ school have been sick as well. Luckily, the vaccines for kids are here and many kids above 5 have got their first shot.

According to The Guardian, “With medical authorities struggling to get adult vaccination rates above 60% nationally, the states first to experience the onset of winter – Michigan and Minnesota – lead the country ‘by a significant margin in recent cases per capita’.”

The Covid is surging in not only Minnesota but in 38 US states and Europe as well. And now is a great time to get fully vaccinated or take the booster shots (the effect of vaccines begins to wane after 6 months), if you haven’t already. Progress on vaccination continues, but around 60 mn Americans age 12 and older remain unvaccinated. With unpredictable outbreaks and strains like the Delta variant, things could get worst.

Wherever you are in the world, this post is just to give a heads up about the status of the pandemic in Minnesota. One thing is for sure about this pandemic, we cannot get too comfortable around it. We have to be on our guard and keep up the efforts to beat the invisible enemy. God willing, we will have the enemy under control by next year. Stay safe and healthy, dear friends, and do mask up & get those shots!

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4 thoughts on “Covid is on the rise in MN, yet again!

  1. I am sorry to hear that COVID is on a rise in Minnesota. Sadly, it’s happening in Ireland as well along with many other European countries. Austria just became the first European country to announce that Covid-19 vaccination would become a legal requirement and the Czech Republic and Slovakia have also announced fresh restrictions on unvaccinated people as record infection rates are recorded across the continent. It doesn’t look like there’s going to be an end to the dreaded pandemic. I hope all is well. Take care 🙂 Aiva

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    1. Ohh… thank you for all this information Aiva. I had thought we are seeing the end of Covid but it is dragging on. Thank you for your warm wishes, we are taking all the precautions. Take care and god bless you!

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