Mission Tom the Turkey!

Tom the turkey was desperate🙁. He wanted to escape from being eaten during the Thanksgiving feast on November 24th😖. He sought refuge in a kindergarten class😓. The teacher, Miss E was very kind and asked the class to disguise him🤓. Little Adi had a plan and he disguised him as a spiderman with the help of his mom🕷.

Now, how would you disguise Tom the Turkey and save him from being eaten✍️️?  Tom may get recognised in the spiderman costume so we need many more ideas💡.

Help Tom the turkey and be a hero😇!

(Sketch courtesy Adiraj’s school project on disguising turkey)

25 thoughts on “Mission Tom the Turkey!

      1. Steve

        Oh….. Understood, this time is come on the 24th……yeah Christian especially the manglorean community celebrate it as the season of harvest….. I thought something else apart from what I know….. Anyways thank you so much…..where are you from and now where do you live ?

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  1. Not being in America or Canada we don’t have Thanksgiving, but here in the UK turkeys are eaten on Christmas Day, so Tom will still need a disguise! How about hiding him in plain sight in an office? Deck him out in a shirt and tie and a pair of glasses and he’ll fit right in 🙂

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  2. A sweet little story, Shivangi. Tom looks good as Spiderman but I’m not convinced the disguise would save him from his fate. Unfortunately. Christmas is a-coming and in the UK, turkeys are in great demand for Christmas dinners. How about disguising Tom as an overgrown snail? 🙂

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