Just a Thought – Rerouting

We only think about the impediments, the problems that are stopping us to expand. How about embracing the possibilities created due to those problems?

The road block may stop us from going on our familiar road but it cannot stop us from rerouting and finding a brand new path. And oh, the immense joy of discovering limitless opportunities on a path of your own finding…!

Just a Thought – Friends

Grab them tight and they vanish…chase and they’ll run…try hard and harder it is to hold them. So do not try, let it be! Like miracles, true friends will happen in the course of life. Such friendship lasts without any reason… effortlessly…smoothly…based on a secret understanding of souls. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Image courtesy Google

Warmth After the Storm

Yesterday, the Twin Cities had largest single day snowfall recorded since 2010. About 12.4 inches of snow covered the grounds and the authorities sought help of the National Guards for rescue purposes. But our family experienced unexpected warmth despite the savage, stormy blizzard.

We have moved to a single family home, which means fun but little more hard work. I usually find shoveling the driveway a happy task but yesterday after the storm, it seemed Gargantuan. My husband, who was working from home, wore his winter gear (no less than a space suit) to begin. But when he went outside, a warm surprise awaited him. Our American neighbor was already at it. He was already blowing away the snow. And had almost cleaned our driveway. My husband thanked him profusely.

After a while the continuous snowfall filled our driveway again. My husband once again got ready to go outside. But this time, our Russian neighbors were blowing away the snow off our driveway.

So, an American and a Russian helped an Indian on a stormy day! The beauty of this democratic country!

Also yesterday, I realized why residents here are called Minnesota Nice. The weather here may be bitterly cold but people are extraordinarily warm! Such unexpected gestures of warmth keep the spirit up. No wonder, the Sun is shining brightly today.

‘I Love You’ in the Snow

  What a lovely morning! Yesterday’s snow blizzard has left the world around me covered in a sheet of soft snow. It is a sunny day today and sunlight is gently alighting on the snow, giving it a sweet golden glow. 

Have you ever noticed? The sun and snow make a gorgeous, passionate couple. But their romance is always shortlived as they are extremes. They refuse to compromise and live together, respecting each other’s identity. I know, sooner or later, either sun will make the snow melt into oblivion or a snow storm will overpower the warmth of the sun. But for now, they look angelic together!

 As I slide the blinds of our little window, to admire this shortlived romance, something catches my eye. A big ‘I Love You’ on the snow carpeted ground takes me by surprise. Perhaps, last night or early this morning, someone braved the cold to engrave that for his or her beloved. It looks sweet and reminds me of sunny, sugary, youthful romance.

It is the month of February and Valentine’s day is nearing. Love is in the air and now engraved on the ground. Ah! I inhale the purity of love! 

 After a while, I want to play Sherlock and find out the lovers involved in this wonderful display of love. The footmarks around the engraved letters ‘I love you’ seems to be that of a man. The lover has written it hastily to surprise her. I keep a watch and wait for the beloved to arrive there. No one comes! Perhaps, she has seen that through her window. “Who is the lucky girl?”, I wonder!

Since a college is nearby, there are a lot of college-goers in our apartment. And such love extravaganza can only be expected from someone in his 20s. I make a few guesses and keep looking out at intervals.

My mind wanders back to the romance of sun and snow. Unearthly, sublime, stunning! But so shortlived! 

Love was dreaded and considered a frivolous word when I was growing up in a conservative set up. I never wanted anything to do with Love. I loved my books and the characters in it. That was it. Gradually, I learned to be comfortable around the four letter word. Lo and behold, now, I enjoy observing it!

I take my seat by the window to play Sherlock again. I wish this lover and his beloved have a life like the sun and snow but not short lived rather everlasting. I hope they respect each other’s individuality and not try to win against each other.

The glorious glow of love seems to be everywhere at this time of the year. My watch is on…hope the mystery lovers show up!

( This is based on a true incident. All pictures are mine except for the first one, ie, courtesy Google.)

From the window of my house…


Whenever I manage to steal a few minutes away from my daily household chores, I take my favourite place by the couch and look out at the world that surrounds me.

I love these little private moments that make me lose myself into the world of day dreaming. I sit with that faraway look in my eyes, taking in the voluptuousness of the lush green hill and trees laden with berries. The leaves are changing colours, decking themselves for the vibrant fall season – “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. Little birdies alight on the tree in front of my balcony and talk of the places they have been to…I listen to their chatter and smile. The calm and the beauty of nature fills me with delight. I breathe!

I also observe people in these moments. I particularly miss the girl with red cap. Last to last year, when I was new to the US, I would always observe her through the window. She would come riding on her bicycle exuding youthful charm and spirit. Her red cap would be visible from far off. I observed that she was very easy to talk to. She would strike a conversation with anyone and everyone, laughing heartily at trifles. She was a happy soul and there was an air of sweet innocence around her. I never met her personally but established a strange kinship with her. This American girl embodied beautiful aspects of America – warm, friendly, cool and open!

I got busy after my baby was born and when I settled a bit, she was gone. She had stopped living in our locality perhaps. Well, I wished I had made acquaintance with her.

These days, I often watch groups that often get together on weekends right under my window. They happily barbecue food and chat till late hours. Then there is a lady who often comes to sit on the bench below. She reads and smokesย a lot. She has a baby and I want to tell her that smoking is not the best thing to do. But then, probably, she has too much going on in her life and she finds her escape in books and cigarette.

Then there is an elderly couple who often sit in sullen silence looking around. I have not seen them interacting much. I also observe a middle aged man often shouting at someone on phone and he never looks happy.

I don’t know what are the real stories behind all these people. Probably, what I have noticed is just my perspective and perception. It might be totally incorrect. Perhaps, the girl in the red cap was not all that happy. May be the aged couple enjoy the silence between them…maybe!

Perhaps I have observed them through blurred….or foggy or dusty window or may be not. But one thing I know for sure – presumptions, assumptions and speculations can easily taint the cleanest windows to the world. So, we can never be sure of what we have seen.

This makes the ceremony of looking out of the window so very interesting and intriguing. I try to keep my window clean and open but I can never be too sure of myself. Another person may have looked at it differently.

The only thing I can say for sure is I love it every time I take my favourite seat and look out!