Anne Bell – The Spirited Prankster


The only residents remaining in the small town of Miners Hill are spirits. Humans don’t go to that side of the town for the fear that something ill may befall them. There have been cases.

Last month, Industrialist George Mehra ventured into the ghost town with an exorcist. The town was the perfect place to set up his industries. But he had no inkling as to what was in store for them!

They stealthily entered the town to begin their ritual to exorcise spirits. But Anne Bell, the spirited prankster, saw them. It was time for some harmless fun!

Unseen, she set George’s beard on fire while he was lighting the holy fire. And simultaneously, she slapped the exorcist. They looked alarmed. Next, she started tickling the exorcist’s armpits. He laughed and rolled around while George gulped saliva. Anne Bell then exorcised the intruders out by her final move – offering them her head on a plate!

Since then, no one has dared to go over to the Miners Hill.

This story is a part of a Mondays Finish The Story Challenge by Barbara Beacham. She provides us with a photo prompt, the first sentence, and approximately 150 words with which we are to use to write our story. To take up the challenge click hereMondays Finish the Challenge

The Greatest Fun Idea for April Fool’s Day


Who doesn’t love the Fool’s Day? It is the day of mischief, sweet lies, sudden news…anything can happen on this day! The onset of Spring springs scenic surprises on us. Romance is in the air, so why not, play a prank on your honey and strengthen your bond.

This is a day when we are at our naughty best. The mischievous elf within us tempts us to spread a rumour or tease or fabricate stories. And when we see someone really getting worked up about a joke, we end up saying ‘Don’t be mad, tis the April Fool’s Day’.

I have read and heard so many ideas for pranks on this day. The social media is abuzz with a variety of them. Some are hilarious, others are funny.

But here is something…that I have found really outstanding.

Now, don’t read the blog too quickly …don’t miss words..jump sentences…just to reach the sentence revealing the perfect fun idea for this day. Go slow, take some time to pause and rethink and then go ahead.

You must be wondering, what is the idea?? I don’t want to disappoint you..since you have invested your precious time into reading this. And you must be thinking by now, that there is no idea. But I must reassure you, there is an IDEA.

Just take a few deep breaths…I must break the news to you….albeit a little gently.  The idea is your presence here, my friend, my perfect April Fool! This is a small April Fool’s Blog, whoever visits here is the biggest and grandest April Fool of all times. Hahahaha. Thank you for reading and making my day. I am honoured with your presence. Before leaving do take the poll….you have a chance to get back at me:






Fool Me Once
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