10 jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world!

Are you looking for a job? We all know that thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is still ravaging economies around the world. The opening up of economies has brought relief but much damage is already done. However, there is always hope and opportunity!

“The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese.”
Spencer Johnson from ‘Who Moved My Cheese’. So, before we start something, our old mentality of fighting change, reluctance to learn and think negatively about the outcome, must end. Let’s explore the possibilities, if it works that is great! But if it doesn’t, we will learn great new things, which might help in our next. There is no scope of giving up, striding forward is the only way!

So, without further ado, please find the list and links to 10 remote and global job offering companies. (These companies hire worldwide, but some hire only in Europe, Canada or India. The pay varies depending on the country of residence. Most of these companies would hire as a freelancer after an assessment and interview.)

List of 10 remote and global jobs

  • https://careers.covance.com/global/en/search-results – If you are into clinical research, this biopharmaceutical contract research organization has research operations in more than 25 countries. Type ‘Virtual’ or ‘remote’ or ‘home-based’ in it’s jobs database.
  • https://jobs.adp.com/ – ADP provides remote jobs related to Sales, IT, Corporate and Management professionals. Apply here with a nicely created resume and use the keyword ‘Home office’ in the location field.
  • Filmless.com – If you are into video creation and script writing, try Filmless that is looking for talent from around the world.
  • https://www.mysql.com/about/jobs/ – If you are an out of job engineer, try this one. It accepts application from around the world.
  • https://www.mturk.com/ Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowd sourcing marketplace where small tasks like surveys, feedback, content moderation are filled and sent. These small task do not pay much but it is okay for pocket money.
  • Aim-for-A Tutoring – In our pandemic ravaged world, online tutoring is blossoming as a great career. If you are a teacher, make use of it and apply here. There are many other companies that also hire online tutors. Be on the lookout.
  • http://www.classof1.co/careers/ – This company is based in India and provides, online tutoring, homework assistance, test prep, content development, and e-learning courses for college and school students in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.
  • https://appen.com/jobs/ – This is similar to MTurks. But the ‘search quality evaluator’ or ‘Internet analyst’ or ‘rater’ jobs here make it attractive. For being a part of this, you need to submit your resume and wait for their reply. If your email matches their requirement, you will have to pass a test based on a knowledge booklet PDF. There are other micro tasks and surveys also, which will appear in your dashboard if your qualifications match. The pay is average here.
  • https://thesmartcrowd.lionbridge.com/ – Lionbridge, like Appen is reliable and offers home-based jobs globally. Great for ad raters, translators, interpreters and those who are into data entry. There are surveys and micro tasks as well.
  • https://jobs.workingsolutions.com/ – This BPO is great for those who want to work from home as independent contractors. The job is mostly data entry, translation and call center related. Pay ranges from $7.50 to $30 an hour. Try it out!

If you have any other designing or niche skill, offer freelance services through Fiverr.com and Upwork.com . You never know, what clicks and takes you forward on your path to success. The important thing is, to try.

I will keep posting job related ideas here. Do share this post with everyone as many would be looking out for a job. All the best my dear friends!

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Distance Learning vs Hybrid Model – What to choose?

As the new school session starts in the U.S. this Fall, my kids’ school district has opted for Hybrid learning model. Hybrid or blended learning integrates two days of in person classes with online education for rest of the school days.

There is a second option also for parents to proactively opt for full time digital or distance learning. Now, this is a difficult choice to make.

Messages are circulating on WhatsApp groups regarding what to choose.

I am writing this post to point out the facts so that it becomes easier for parents to choose whatever works for them. Every household is different and everyone has many things to consider before coming to a decision.

Pros and cons of distance learning:

  • safety from the pandemic
  • flexibility in studies

  • more involvement from parents

  • less peer pressure


  • too much screen time and less social interaction
  • no teacher present to supervise

  • self motivation to study which small kids lack

  • extra supervisory work for parents who would need to balance work, the household and child education

  • Pros and cons of hybrid learning:

    • social interaction and activities

    • quality education

    • best of both the worlds – in person and online

    • asynchronous learning and improved technology skills


    • fear for safety due to the pandemic during in person days
  • brand new learning model (may face logistical challenges in implementation)

  • confusing for parents, students and instructors (the district is dealing with a lot of questions as to how the model would be implemented)

  • big and steep learning curve for all

  • So, there you go parents! This to-the-point listing might help you in making your choice between the two models of learning for your child.

    Go for whatever works for you and your family. All the best and take care.

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    Are you really seeing the possibilities?

    Possibility quote 1

    Are you seeing the possibilities? Yes, the world is opening up again after the pause. The pandemic is still here and there are uncertainties and danger lurking everywhere. There is no concrete plan yet to deal with it but the world has to go on! Hand sanitizers, masks, even toilet papers are available now and things appear to be normal from a distance.

    But the closer you get the more you know that it is just an appearance…things have changed! Fear, struggles, upheavals are gnawing at us in the midst of the ‘new normal’. None of us is safe and unaffected. But today, I am not writing about the issues but the possibilities. If you are seeing possibilities despite everything no pandemic can beat your spirit.

    An unyielding spirit will never bow down to any calamity, it will rise and shine like it was meant to be. 

    I know there is a huge list of ‘what can’t be done’ things so let’s just make a tiny list of ‘what can be done things’ and focus on it for now. There is always a scope of possibility somewhere that hides great dimensions of success. And a calamity like this has great opportunities and possibilities. We just have to stop looking at shutdowns and closed doors.

    Somewhere else new doors are opening and ideas taking shape, we will see it if we are open and receptive.

    I know, in the current situation, all our efforts are being thwarted and there seems to be roadblocks then why not reroute and look for a new path. We may find a roadblock again but it would be an enriching new path in terms of experience. It is far better than sitting and waiting for roads to get cleared. And what if we fear to lose all in finding the new course? We will always end up with experience! But imagine if we get a breakthrough…we will be discovering a brand new path for everyone to follow.

    We are a part of history in the making. An unusual situation needs unusual response, why not use our energies to figure that out. The world may or may not come back to normal but the possibilities for growth would always be there. And if we are that kind of energetic, spirited being, who sees a sculpture in an ordinary stone or an underlying order in the chaos, we have already beaten the pandemic.

    I am sharing some of my favorite quotes on possibilities with you and wish that you acquire a great vision to see those unseen wonders that are waiting to be discovered… may be by you.

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    A small note of hope to You!

    Bhagavad-Gita-Quotes-3Hello there! How are you doing? Chances are that you are in the same situation as I am, just hanging in and waiting for this ordeal to pass. With uncertainties looming and a blurry future, going with the flow from moment to moment is the best thing to do. It keeps you afloat.

    Who knew the world would change so drastically in a span of just two months? Did the people who live through the World War had the same feeling as ours? Maybe! Well, I know there are things at the back of your mind that comes to bug you often. It is only human to think, plan and analyse about the future. I have been doing it too.

    But in between thoughts, struggle and survival, do not forget to breathe and appreciate what you still have – life! And with life, anything is possible!

    You never know what opportunities this pandemic holds for you. Still, if everything looks dark, just hang on, it’s about to be dawn. When there is collective misery, it won’t last long. Hold on! We just have to keep looking out for each other during this time.

    Therefore, dear friend, I am sharing some of my favorite quotes to brighten your moment and hoping that you will like it. Sending lots of prayers for health, luck, peace and success to the world! Stay safe and be well.

    hope quote2

    hope quote


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