Big Happy Face


“Are you laughing at me,” I asked my four year old when I heard him laughing loudly at the local florist. He shook his head and said, “No, I am laughing with them,” he pointed at no one in particular.

I looked around. There were all kinds of beautiful flowers. We were the only customer at that little shop in the outskirts of the city. He continued laughing and made faces. I asked him to stop acting funny. He explained, “Mumma, just look at those two big happy faces. They are sticking their tongues out.”

I was horrified but then I looked closely and saw what he was seeing. The cute orchids appeared to be sticking their tongues out. I laughed.

Both of us had seen the same thing, only his perspective was happier.

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The Stone Face


The neighbors were not happy about my choice of yard art. Neither was I but I couldn’t do anything about it.

Last month, we bought this secluded old charming house. We enjoyed furnishing it with antiques and furnitures.

All was well until the day I thought of gardening. I was digging when my spade hit something. I found this huge wild art of a Red Indian with a Buffalo! We got people to pull that off the ground.

The statues stayed rooted at our backyard. No one liked it.

Yesterday, We tried to get it removed with the help of authorities but the thing wouldn’t budge. Exasperated, I tried to hammer the Red Indian’s head. I’ve had too much!

But that was a mistake again!

Last night, the Statue walked to my door, knocked, grinned and returned my hammer…

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The Scarlet River


Once upon a time in a land far, far away a king stood watching the battlefield he had just conquered. He noticed that there was blood and smoke from burnt corpses everywhere. The river which flowed along the battlefield had been stained scarlet. About 1.5 million warriors were dead.

The king was known for his exemplary warfare skills and ruthlessness…he was one of the greatest of all times. Once again he had proved his might. Riches, beauties, fame awaited him. This kind of bloodshed was not new to him.

But at that moment, watching that deathly still picture of blue and red, he felt something stir deep within him. The enormity and severity of his doing dawned on him. His sword fell from his hand and he wept in agony. The victor had just witnessed his greatest defeat.

(Based on King Ashoka the great and the Kalinga war. The conquest of Kalinga marked a turning point in Ashoka’s life and reign. Ashoka decided to renounce warfare. He sent peace missions to his Asian neighbours and turned to the teachings of Buddhism.)

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Tell Me The Story!

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“When the team heard the dam explode, they knew they had limited time to make it to safety.” PAUSE!!! The baby hit the pause button on the remote, so, the film stopped.

I tried to take it from him but too late…he had dropped it behind the heavy sofa. I sighed and he gurgled.

Squatting on all fours, I tried my best to retrieve the elusive remote…my mind still on the thriller. I wished the team could make it to the shore..Or the hero’s family would be shattered.

Somehow, I retrieved the remote but the TV had auto switched off. I wanted to restart but the baby had a messy diaper and he started wailing. The stupid part was I didn’t remember the name of the film or the channel.

The film was no longer there on any channel when I switched on the TV. I missed the exciting film. But, I am sure, you readers might have some ideas..why don’t you tell me what happened next to the rowers?

The Fallen Hero

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The story begins with: “A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadier’s house.”  The sleeping Brigadier got up with a start and immediately reached for his gun. He sensed that someone was lying unconscious on the floor and there were bits of glasses all around.

The unconscious man groaned in pain, the Brigadier was sure he was the enemy’s spy who has somehow fallen in his own trap. Any moment, the man would regain consciousness. The Brigadier covered the man with his gun and reached for the phone.

“Please, please don’t inform anyone,” the man begged in a broken voice. “Don’t move or I will shoot,” said the Brigadier. The man said, “If you switch on the lights, you’ll know, why I don’t want you to inform anyone. If the word goes out, they will stop believing in me.”

“Who are ‘they’? Asked the Brigadier as he switched on the light.  There on the floor was an old  Spiderman.  “The kids, friend,” the Spiderman grimaced.

The Blue Being

‘The Blue Being’ is a part of Monday Finish the Story Challenge by Barbara Beacham. Here is the link:

The story starts with – “On March 9th, 2015, three objects were reportedly seen in the skies over the Borracho Todos los Tiempos Vineyards.” He looked intently at the Earth TV for a while and laughed.

How much he loved those adventurous visits to Earth. And the subsequent silly news features and speculations on UFOs… But not one was close to reality! The stolen wine was quite good though, he chuckled.

They were far more advanced than any other planet in the world. The Earth was beautiful but the human race was killing it. The Mars men were remarkable warriors, the Venus queens were a fiery lot…but theirs was far superior. However, they chose to remain unknown to others.

The ‘Blue Being’ knew that they would be in trouble if the President finds about his escapades. But he shrugged as he got up from the lounge bed, his huge blue body filling the luxurious room. He flapped his wings in the Sun and messaged his friends through his personal floating cloud…”the White House next”.