Who cares for superstars when masses are celebs!

Who cares for Katrina Kaif’s rosy pout when the girl next door looks like a goddess in her digitally enhanced sun-kissed selfie? What is great about Arijit Singh’s renditions when the paanwala seems to sing better than him on StarMaker?

There is nothing exotic about filmy naach-gaana anymore when Indian marriage functions on YouTube present world class song and dance performances. Move away, Bachchans, Khans and Kapoors, for the glamour power is now in the hands of the masses! The public is rising again, this time, dismantling the carefully manicured images of film stars and seeing them as human beings rather than ruling gods.

Post independence, after the end of royalty in India, film stars slowly gained popularity and came to be worshipped owing to the heroics and glamour surrounding them. Their impenetrable, glittery and unapproachable aura made them rule hearts.

But today, surfeit of information about their life has stripped them of the glory. Every other person can abuse them on Twitter, judge their style sense on Instagram and form an opinion on their films and arts in a blog. They have become approachable and thus, very, very vulnerable! A popular saying in English holds so true here – ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’. The celebrities are so approachable and so deliciously dissect-able by anyone who wishes to do so.

And real stardom has been ceased by the masses – your crooning teenager or the dancing street urchin or the neighborhood shopkeeper or the average homemaker… everybody holds the power to stardom… all thanks to the revolution called – INTERNET.

The general public has apps that can make them beautiful and present their dancing, singing, acting, directing, creating… any talent on the world stage. Bloggers like us, who would have been secluded diary writers a few decades back, are now self published authors! It is a very curious age we are living in!

As of now, the masses are copying the celebrities but very soon originality will take over.

But the question I am interested in is – when each one of us becomes superstar, who would be the fan? Who would we look up-to? Who would be the new class of rulers? Seems like a riddle but for now, we are living a dream – where anyone from anywhere could be a star!

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When was the last time you got bored out of your wits?


When was the last time you got bored? Unfortunately, I don’t seem to remember mine!

I guess I have been running away from boredom all my growing up years but the irony is, I miss it now. I yearn to get bored. I remember those days when time would sit heavy on my hands and I would look for ways and means to do something to pass time. I don’t have time to get bored these days. And I have learnt with age and maturity, the importance of getting bored. It is one of the foremost reasons why people create!

All these years, technological advancement has pushed originality and creativity out of our lives. Even if we are creating something, it is borrowed from the internet. Where are those original creations, churned out of tedious brain storming? Everything is easily available now. Ideas, designs, thoughts…there is no need for us to think or strive for perfection. Everything is at our finger’s tip.

These days, we cannot be bored even if we would like to. Every other second we are flooded with messages, news, music, films, stories… Who has the time to get bored amidst so many glamorous intrusions?

I think,the unceremonious exit of boredom from our lives has done more damage than good. We are losing on our ability to contemplate. All of us have too many things to see, to hear, to read and do. We are an over exposed generation always bombarded with second hand, stale information.

And this is precisely why I want to get bored out of my wits. I have been living on second hand ideas for a long time now. I want to get bored and find my own resources…my originality. I am dying to get that whiff of fresh something…maybe just one original thought!


Here are a few famous minds advocating boredom. Read on to know what they have to say about the merits of monotony.

1) When hit by boredom, let yourself be crushed by it; submerge, hit bottom. In general, with things unpleasant, the rule is: The sooner you hit bottom, the faster you surface. The idea here is to exact a full look at the worst. The reason boredom deserves such scrutiny is that it represents pure, undiluted time in all its repetitive, redundant, monotonous splendor.

Boredom is your window on the properties of time that one tends to ignore to the likely peril of one’s mental equilibrium. It is your window on time’s infinity. Once this window opens, don’t try to shut it; on the contrary, throw it wide open.
Joseph Brodsky

2) Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity – Robert M. Pirsig

3) When you pay attention to boredom it gets unbelievably interesting – Jon Kabat-Zinn

4) Your true traveller finds boredom rather agreeable than painful. It is the symbol of his liberty – his excessive freedom. He accepts his boredom, when it comes, not merely philosophically, but almost with pleasure – Huxley

5) Don’t try to ‘fix’ the child’s boredom – rather, let the child find his or her inner resources – Julia Cameron

6) Don’t be afraid to let yourself get bored because some of the most amazing things are created through boredom ― Rachel Hamilton

Congratulations, in case you are enjoying the good old ‘boring’ sensation. You are very fortunate and on the verge of creating something great. The key is to rise from boredom rather than give in to the sensation and fall.

As for me, I will have to devise a way to get utterly, hopelessy and absolutely BORED OUT OF MY WITS. YAAAAAAAWN!

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