Small Things#27 – Did you know mummies wrap toilet papers around them?

Here are some cool thoughts on mummies by a five year old. The little one has read a book on called ‘The Mummy’s Curse’ and has been telling some great stories about them.

  1. So, if you are buying too many toilet papers, beware of the mummy’s curse! Mummies wrap toilet paper to hide their dead faces and may get mad if they don’t find toilet papers in stores.
  2. Did you know mummies can easily take their brains out through their noses?

  3. Mummies live in cool triangles called pyramids and do not like to be disturbed at all. So, let them rest in peace.

  4. Mummies eat foods like mummy soup, mummy macaroni to keep their bodies strong.

  5. Mummies have dead pets and the dogs and cats have toilet papers wrapped around them too.

Mummies are ‘dead’ but they like to ‘live’ like that…

I keep nodding while listening to such stories. There is no logic, no fact but abundance of vivid, vibrant and wondrous imagination.

A five minute chat with a little child is all we need for magical creativity because…

“Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination…”

The mummy stories have started again… so got to go! You all take care…

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Three minutes to six!

I admired this timepiece the moment I set eyes on it at an old antique shop. 

“He will love it,” I thought as I observed the craftsmanship, hoping to gift it to my husband.

But two things seemed odd here. First, there was no price tag on it. Second, the watch was set at around 3 minutes to 6 and that made me wonder. 

I went to the old shop assistant and enquired about the price.”It is priceless,” she said. I said I wanted to buy it. 

“Well, then take it for free,” she said mysteriously. I heard her mumbling, “The watch has chosen you. Good luck to you.”

I had an eerie feeling as I reached my car. I checked time on my phone. It was 2 minutes to 6. 

I could hear two distinct sounds now – tick tick from the timepiece and thud thud from my heart! I felt I needed to make a decision…!

This is my entry to the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by the lovely Priceless Joy. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. This challenge is open to all who would like to participate. Please CLICK HERE for more. Thank you Louise for the image!

The Nocturnal Adventure of Baby Boo



If you have babies and kids in your house, Baby Boo might have visited you. This is Baby Boo’s picture, I captured his picture a long time ago.

He is from Babyland, the heavenly abode of magical toys, slides, foods and games. This lovely place is nestled in the Trampoline Cloud and floats all across the Universe. 

The toys and slides  of Babyland are created by the Baby God from love of mothers’ hearts. Baby God watches over Babyland all the time. It is the second safest and the loveliest place in the universe after a mother’s lap.

Now, if you have forgotten Babyland, try to recall it. All of us have visited it as kids in our dreams and imagination. When you were a kid, you frequently went there on winged clouds but you forgot about it when you grew up. You can still go there if you try not to grow up.

Baby Boo was created by a simple mother’s love and he has been residing in Babyland since time immemorial.

He is very naughty and often escapes from his land to travel across the Globe in search of adventure. His mischiefs are forgiven by the Baby God simply because he is His most loving toy.

Whenever Baby Boo wants to escape, he simply jumps off the Trampoline Cloud and usually lands in the arms of some sweet kid on Earth.


One beautiful night, Baby Boo wanted to have a night out. He escaped Babyland and landed in the crib of Baby Vir. Now, Vir was having a restless night. His diaper rashes were causing him trouble. Baby Boo snuggled next to him and sang the sweetest lullaby. He got carried away and his voice grew louder and louder.

Baby Vir went back to sleep but the loud singing woke up his mum. She tiptoed to his room. Who was singing? She wondered. Perhaps the musical caterpillar was left on or was it the teddy bear? But the voice was unfamiliar.


She peeped into Vir’s crib and was horrified. She had never seen this toy Baby Boo before. They had never bought that toy from the shop.

On the other hand, Baby Boo stopped singing and tried to hide under Vir’s blanket. Kids know all about him but grown ups are not supposed to know. The Baby God would be angry.

To his relief, Vir’s mum fled from the nursery to wake up his papa. Baby Boo got a chance to escape. He kissed the sleeping Vir and promised to return.

He crawled out of the window into the ‘Strolling Wind’ and flew back to Babyland. He just wished that his little escapade remained undiscovered. And we all know that a Baby’s wish always come true.

Vir’s mum and papa found him sleeping blissfully with a magical smile on his lips. His papa dismissed mum’s doubts blaming it on her sleeplessness and hectic schedule. She was perhaps in a dreamy state! They kissed baby Vir and went back to sleep. Peace was restored in the household.

( This blog post is dedicated to all the sweet little ones in the whole wide world. Even to those in mummy’s tummy! There would be more stories of Baby Boo in the days to come. So stay glued and stay blessed. Love to the little ones always.)

When My Fears Came To Life


I cannot avoid thinking of ghosts whenever my husband goes on work trips. It is crazy but my imagination works overtime to create ghosts in the closet, in the washing machine, in the playroom and most of all, in the creepy bathroom.

Yes, the feeling is not funny. The first day of my husband’s absence is worst. I don’t look at myself in the mirror at night because I think my reflection smiles crookedly at me. I avoid looking at my shadow out of the fear that it would act in a wayward manner.  I barely look at my painting of a girl whose smile otherwise benevolent decidedly turns sinister when I am alone. I keep my kids awake for as long as I could and when they fall asleep, I try to hold them closely causing them discomfort. Soon, they roll over away from ‘poor and scared’ me.

Soon, illusions totally take over my common sense. I see shadows lurking in the closet just ready to grab me. The sound of the dishwasher sounds ghastly to my ears and the distant sound of a vehicle approaching is eerie. And the worst of all is the fact that our Smart TV is so dumb that it switches on out of the blue…sometimes at the middle of the night, sending shivers down my spine. I chant mantras and the all-powerful ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ to find strength and peace from my imagination.

At times, I lie down sleepless in bed and think of the tenants before us. Had they died in this very apartment? Were they into voodoo and witchcraft? And then I would sleep fitfully and wake up scared and again go back to sleep, dreaming of the imaginary dead tenants. All this is laughable in broad daylight but they feel very real at those long scary nights.

When the clock strikes 4am, I find my peace and sleep like a baby with my kids. It is considered that 4 am is ‘Bramha Muhurat’ or the Godly hour. No ghost dares to disturb me and I feel so safe.

But this time, when my husband left, one of my fears almost came to life. It was late in the evening. All was dark and quiet. I was in the bathroom trying to avoid my reflection, when I heard my older one talking to someone in the living room. I also heard someone replying to him. The baby was asleep and there was no one around. My apartment was locked from inside. But he was distinctively having a conversation.

The answering voice sounded distorted and strange. Fear paralysed me and I felt as if I would faint any minute. I couldn’t call for help as my phone was in the living room. I thought all the horrors in my mind were coming to life. But I had to rescue my child from the spirit that was possessing him.

I mustered courage to move towards the living room. It was a rainy evening, the setting was perfect for a horror film. I could hear him clearly now, he was saying, “It is a dark, rainy evening”. The voice mimicked him, “It is a dark, rainy evening”. He laughed, the voice laughed. I almost cried.

I walked closer towards his room…the other voice sounded familiar. But since my logic had deserted me, I failed to recognise it. After a heroic effort on my part, I peeped into the room. And what a sight it was! I found him talking to the Talking Tom app on the iPad. I felt stupid but relief flooded over me.

He sensed my fear. He said, “Talk to Tom, Mumma. You will feel not be scared.” I said bravely, “Mumma is a strong girl, She is not scared”. And then, I looked at Talking Tom. I can tell you for sure that his grin looked very very evil.

But thankfully, my fears remained restricted to my over ripe imagination!