She Walks in Beauty

I saw her approach. She stopped and looked at my direction for a heart throbbing moment. Then, looked away. The perfumed breeze played with her long dark hair, integrating her with the colourful autumn landscape. Her flowing floral dress matched her peaches and cream complexion while red roses seemed to bloom in those cheeks. 

I was overwhelmed by the sudden brightening of the world due to her presence. The clear sky, blue lake, vibrant foliage, provided a fitting background to her supple form. Could such beauty exist? Was she a figment of my imagination? 

I started to write. It had been long since I wrote a word inspite of my self imposed exile in this cottage. Day after day, I had struggled with the dreaded writer’s block. But she appeared and my whole world changed.I needed to immortalise her in my work. 

A gentle knock jolted me out of my reverie. I put my pen down and peeped through the window. The damsel stood at my door…the evening sun formed a halo around her lovely head. I couldn’t believe my luck…!!

( The title has been borrowed from Lord Byron’s famous poem “She Walks in Beauty”. The great romantic age poet wrote this poem to celebrate virtuousness and beauty.)

This is my entry to the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by the lovely Priceless Joy. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. This challenge is open to all who would like to participate. For more information, please CLICK HERE. Image courtesy

The Damsel in Distress


Big smoke from the house looked horrifying. I was driving by the place and stopped to watch the chaos. Partaking in rescue operations was dangerous.

And then I saw the gorgeous girl. Her angelic face appeared on one of the windows. she was screaming. Heroic frenzy possessed me. I jumped out of the car, my pot belly dancing around me and my thinning hair flying.

But two strong hands pulled me roughly and I was brought to my senses. A voice hissed sharply, “Try your stunts elsewhere Mr…you are stalling the shoot”.

I sadly watched Robert Pattinson save her.

Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful flash fiction challenge which asks us to write a story in around 100 words from the photo prompt provided by the host, Rochelle Wisoff Fields. To join in with the challenge, or find out more about it, just follow the link to Rochelle’s blog.