The Fallen Hero

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The story begins with: “A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadier’s house.”  The sleeping Brigadier got up with a start and immediately reached for his gun. He sensed that someone was lying unconscious on the floor and there were bits of glasses all around.

The unconscious man groaned in pain, the Brigadier was sure he was the enemy’s spy who has somehow fallen in his own trap. Any moment, the man would regain consciousness. The Brigadier covered the man with his gun and reached for the phone.

“Please, please don’t inform anyone,” the man begged in a broken voice. “Don’t move or I will shoot,” said the Brigadier. The man said, “If you switch on the lights, you’ll know, why I don’t want you to inform anyone. If the word goes out, they will stop believing in me.”

“Who are ‘they’? Asked the Brigadier as he switched on the light.  There on the floor was an old  Spiderman.  “The kids, friend,” the Spiderman grimaced.

Why Breast Feeding is A Miracle!

I have been reading a lot of articles on blog sites…some good, some excellent and a few I would like to put in ‘must read’ category. Adel Landman’s blog is in the must read category for new mums –

It is a detailed analysis on breast-feeding…it will be a great help for new mothers and mums-to-be to study the same. I really appreciate Adel for publishing the article as it has some invaluable information.

I commented on her article that breast feeding is not only good for the infant but also for the new mother. I have breast-fed my older one and currently feeding my baby. It has been a wonderful experience for me. It makes me feel so much closer to my baby. After the birth of my child, when I used to feel emotionally and physically drained, feeding my child not only nourished my little one but also strengthened me.

Breast feeding is a two-way process. It is mutually beneficial for the mother and the child. I think the breast feeding takes away depressive thoughts, it makes the moms happier and I think, prettier:).

So, be encouraged to feed your child. It is quite harrowing in the beginning but a miracle after you get comfortable! I hope everyone manages to enjoy this beautiful aspect of motherhood.

Thank you Adel for addressing this great topic. Looking forward to reading more on your site 🙂

Five Funny Ways To Fight Insomnia

I love sleeping blissfully. But there are times when sleep completely eludes me. I try everything from counting sheeps to watching boring films…but nothing helps. So, on one of those sleepless nights, I have come up with five sure shot ways to snooze off. You can try it out too…here you go:

Pressing legs: It is unbelievably good! I am not talking about pressing your own but your partner’s or your parent’s leg (if you are single). The monotony of pressing and massaging someone else’s feet is so profound that one can’t help falling asleep. I am not kidding, it really works and your goodwill with your partner will also be restored:)

Sleeping on the edge: I have tried this and it really works. Try sleeping on the edge of the bed with your one hand and feet dangling and almost touching the floor. Just hang in there as if you are on a swing…and in no time you will doze off. You may fall off the bed but ‘sleeping on the edge’ comes with some side-effects!!!

Chant mantras: When nothing helps…try chanting any mantra 108 times…concentrate, close your eyes, remember god and chant the same line over and over again. Your mind will surely wander, bring it back again to the mantra and count…

Yaaaaawn: Yawning is contagious, just the thought of it makes you yaaaawn! You might be yawning just by reading this. I think, yawning is very easy and effective way to sleep. Just try to yawn as much as you can…and one of your big yaaaawns may put you to sleep:)

Co-sleep with kids: Well,you may have to fight for your little space in the crowded bed, but co-sleeping is wonderful. The gentle breath of your kid, the divine smile, the soft touch and the sense of togetherness makes you fall asleep in no time. But again if your kid is a restless sleeper get ready to be punched in your sleep.

Well, if nothing works and you can’t sleep at all, don’t worry! You can still do wonders. Why don’t you start off by blogging some silly stuff at 2.00 am like I just did!!! 🙂