My Meetings with Film Actors

During my stint as a journalist, I had the pleasure to meet many bigwigs of Indian Film Industry. It was always fun to observe and analyze them in person. At that time, I had thought of putting all that in writing. Today, I have managed to write about some of those meetings. Read on!

Amitabh Bachchan ( Book Launch event) – He was charismatic, humble but closed. I saw Amitabh Bachchan, the hugely successful actor rather than Amitabh Bachchan, the person. It was difficult to see beyond his carefully polished demeanor – typical Libran trait! What was really nice about him was his gallant, charming manners. Considering his family background…it’s expected from him! But the most outstanding thing was the awe he inspired and the connect he had with crowd. Also, it appeared that he did not take success for granted. He seemed truly grateful for the overwhelming attention. Or was it all just an act?

Aamir Khan – He was the first celebrity we interviewed at our office. He had come to promote one of his films. And I was on cloud nine for the opportunity to interview him. Unlike Amitabh Bachchan, his personality was not amazing. He looked small and approachable. But what was really wonderful about him was intelligence. Nothing escaped his eyes as he scanned the studio and studied everything in detail. Some of our questions took him by surprise, but he maintained his composure. His focus was to promote his film and that was it. He smiled politely, talked gently and looked far younger than he was but…one got the feeling that he was a real tough guy. His brain was working overtime exploring opportunities while he exchanged pleasantries.

Kareena Kapoor – I met her during an event promoting a cosmetic brand. And what an event it was! She looked better in person than she looks onscreen. The first feeling I had on seeing her was that she really believed that she was a queen, destined to rule hearts. A wave here, a flutter there, reveling in adulation and admiration, but hungry for more. But one rude question from one of the journalists, rubbed her the wrong way. Her rouge stained red cheeks, colored even deeper, eyes flared and hair got tossed even more. She gave her piece of mind there and then. The best thing about her – She is always Kareena Kapoor no matter what! The event came to an end soon after as she left fuming.

Katrina Kaif – Well, when she entered the office for a film promotion, there was complete chaos. I saw gentlemen behaving like gully boys to catch a glimpse of the diva, who wore a business suit to perfection. She was beautiful undoubtedly and oh so, professional. The masque of professionalism never left her face. She hardly smiled and answered in a matter of fact way. Attention stayed on her looks and people had no interest in knowing the person.

Sanjay Dutt – What was striking about Sanjay Dutt was he had no pretenses about him. He was friendly and easy going. I really wondered why this non complicated looking person lived such a tumultuous life. Probably the upcoming biopic (Sanju, Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt) would unravel some of the mysterious about him.

Vidya Balan – I did not met her directly but transcribed her uncut interview. She appeared wise, witty and intelligent. In those days, she was dealing with criticism over her figure and dress sense. And she still had to prove her acumen as an actress. Now that I see her, I think she has finally accepted her body type and developed her own dress style.

Kangana Ranaut – Again I did not meet her in person. But her uncut interview did make me think about her being quite flighty. Her answers were immature and vague. But now when I see her on TV, it is a huge transformation. Somewhere along her career, she has found her confidence and the courage to speak her mind.

I also met a lot many actors but not as famous as the above mentioned. And then there were quirky, fascinating authors too. Someday, I’ll write about them. Meanwhile, if you enjoyed reading kindly share the post.

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Trump, Hillary face off – Bollywood Ishtyle!

As race for the American President, reaches its final hours, I couldn’t help having a little fun at the expense of the two famous candidates -Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Fultoo Bollywood Ishtyle!!! Watch it here:

Koi Humse Jeet Na Paave (
For those not familiar with these Hindi Film songs – The song featured on Trump (Koi Humse Jeet Na Paye) is from the film Lagaan. Here, Trump is implying he and his supporters will not let anyone win, they will keep moving on!

The song featured on Hillary (Khud ko Kya Samajhta hai) is from Khiladi. Here, she is wondering about the audacity of Trump. She says what does this guy think of himself, he is so arrogant. She declares that they will teach him a lesson!

Hope you enjoy my fun take and relax ahead of the great nail-biting election!

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5 Sweetest TV Commercials of My Wonder Years

When we were kids, back in the 80s, Television ads were growing huge in India. The small screen had reached the middle classes and advertisements with strong brand recall were all the rage. In those days, everyone watched everything that came on the Idiot Box with fascination…even programmes meant for farmers (Krishi Darshan) were seen with eyes glued to the screen. TV ads too were watched repeatedly and mimicked at homes. We kids took pride in learning the ad jingles and taglines by heart. Who can forget the jingles of  Washing Powder Nirma, Parle G, Gagan and Humara Bajaj!

As we grew, so did the ads in the 90s. In no time, the commercials turned more stylish, polished and classy. Guy models began to wear leather jackets, jazzy belts and denims while girl models embraced designer clothes and chic hairstyles. Bikes, accessories, cars, music and a westernised lifestyle got promoted in the ads to engage the youngsters.

The 90s boasted some of the best commercials of all times. Can you ever forget ads made for Onida, Maggi, Rasna, Fevicol, Vicco, Breeze, Lux, Dove, Dhara oil, Mango Bite or Amul chocolate?

Often, I watch those ads on YouTube to relive the past. Here are 5 of my favourite and sweetest advertisement of those bygone wonder years. Hope you enjoy reading about them too.

The Pepsi ad – Ahaa! Who can forget the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai mouthing – “Hi! I am Sanjana. Got a Lehar Pepsi” and the stumped expression of a smitten Aamir Khan. I used to stare at Aishwarya and think – Can such beauty exist?

The Cadbury ad – Awww.. The innocent beauty breaks into a loveable jig when her boyfriend hits a six. The shy cricketer is embarrassed as well as on top of the Earth. Her dance with abandon is the high point of this great advertisement. We never missed watching it!

The Dreamflower ad – He looks like a thorough professional until he catches a whiff of her. He leaves his conversation mid-way and bolts to catch one glimpse of the fragrant beauty. He tries lifts and doors but she seems to have disappeared. But one knock at his cabin brightens things for him as she happens to have come looking for him. So very romantic!

Palmolive winter care ad – The close shots of a beautiful girl in an aeroplane is shown and we hear a man’s thoughts –  “The lovely girl is in the plane… the seat next to me is empty. Am I fortunate enough to get the pleasure of her company. She looked at me for a while and then moved on. She is so beautiful but has no make up on.” In the next shot, the girl comes closer and tells him – “I think you are in my seat” . The guy is not shown in this commercial but his voice makes the girl mysterious and alluring. We loved it!

Dhara Cooking oil ad – The word ‘Jalebi’ always reminds me of this ad. A cute little boy runs away from home after being scolded. He sits at a railway station waiting for the train when an old uncle comes near him and says, “I just came to tell you that your mother has made jalebis at home.”.. And the kid says ”JALEBI?” with a twinkle in his eyes and happily returns home. The little boy had done a wonderful job in the ad and it remains one of the most popular ads of all times.

Commercials like these were an intrinsic part of our lives. I wonder where those days have gone. Time flies… but thankfully, today we have technology to capture those wonderful glimpses of the past.

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