A curious meeting in the Land of No Thoughts

It was a curious meeting where I was summoned – A gathering in the “Land of no thoughts”. I was sitting idly when someone whispered – “Come to the Land of No Thoughts where Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Jiddu Krishnamurti and Osho are present.”

This meeting was crucial because I had always wanted to know if there was a way out of unhappiness. And these great men could show me the perfect way. But first, how was I to reach the “Land of No Thoughts”?

My mind was clouded with thoughts. The moment I closed my eyes, even more thoughts poured in – some extremely urgent, some less relevant, and others irrelevant. But since I had to reach the no-thought stage, I began to suppress them. Unh-unh, wrong move!

The more I suppressed my thoughts, the stronger they became and blocked my path. But then an unknown, someone whispered, “Allow the thoughts” and “Just be”. I allowed and offered no resistance to whatever was coming to my mind and slowly but surely, the thoughts moved and gave way. And I reached the peaceful no-thought land.

There, I saw the luminous bodies of the revered men who had summoned me. They were all seated on rock-like structures. They motioned me to sit on a vacant structure and I sat down.

“What is your question”, seeker? They asked in unison.

“I want to know how to escape from the unhappiness, chaos, grief, evil and diseases of the world”.

They said in unison – “Just know who you are”.

“Who am I?”, I asked. But their answers were not in unison this time.

“What is this thing inside you that is aware of your thoughts? What is this thing inside you that claims it’s perceiving objects outside of yourself? Let come, what comes, and let go of what goes and see what remains”, sage Ramana Maharshi encouraged me to inquire myself.

Nisargadatta Maharaja, added, “As you watch your mind, you discover your self as the watcher. When you stand motionless, only watching, you discover your self as the light behind the watcher. The source of light is dark, unknown is the source of knowledge. That source alone is. Go back to that source and abide there. You are already that.”

Then, Jiddu Krishnamurti, the philosopher, hinted, “In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.”

Osho, the mystic spoke next. “Who am I?” has no answer to it; it is unanswerable. Your mind will supply many answers. Your mind will say, “You are the essence of life. You are the eternal soul. You are divine,” and so on and so forth. All those answers have to be rejected: NETI NETI – one has to go on saying, “Neither this nor that.”

He continued, “When you have denied all the possible answers that the mind can supply and devise when the question remains absolutely unanswerable, a miracle happens: suddenly the question also disappears. When all the answers have been rejected, the question has no props, no supports inside to stand on anymore. It simply flops, it collapses, it disappears. When the question also has disappeared, then you know. But that knowledge is not an answer: it is an existential experience.”

They were all talking in riddles. I knew they were pointing at the same thing, as so many great men have done since time immemorial. Artists have hinted at it through art, poets through poetry, and philosophers through theories – and every human has interpreted in their own limited ways, and mostly the understanding has been peripheral. I also felt miserable because I was only partially comprehending them. Before I could ask deeper questions, I was dismissed from the meeting. It was the next seeker’s turn.

I came back into the physical world, feeling worst than ever, and thoughts clouded my mind once again. I had lost the chance to know more.

Then, an unknown someone whispered again, “Who is a better person than you, yourself to answer the question about who you are? What is that center, which is thinking the thought? Who is noticing your life story? What is the source of your I? It is very simple – experiencing the source of “I”, and just being in that home, is the first step in the process of removal of misery. You are already residing in that home, but you don’t notice that since you believe that you live in a different home. This is the root cause of your struggle. Once you know your real home, every effort, and struggle dissolves while peace and guidance for living blessedly start coming to you, on their own.”

I noticed the Whisperer this time, his whispering had a peace-like quality, something that descends on you while holding a baby or watching a beautiful sunset.

I was still confused and had so many more questions to ask. But I was happy as well. Because I no longer felt lonely on my path. I had many guides and masters, including my very own Whisperer, showing me the way to meet my self.

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6 thoughts on “A curious meeting in the Land of No Thoughts

  1. Dear Shivangi:
    I love this blog as it questions”Who am I”.
    Many look at the scriptures/gurus/phiolosophers/teachers/yogis who all have different answers.
    You found the answer. It is ‘You”. You have to know yourself, realize yourself and merge in yourself.
    Well done. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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