Krishna Radha in Oil – The Making

It’s a challenge to paint Krishna since He is the most attractive of Gods. Also, He is quite mischievous so you can expect the unexpected while painting Him. But thankfully, He readily got himself painted and with Radha-Krishna’s mercy I am on the verge of finishing this special painting.

Painting in oil is a long, slow process as the paint needs to dry but it is a very forgiving medium. You can always make corrections if things go wrong. I had an amazing experience painting Krishna-Radha in oil – to say the least. Here is a sneak-peek to its making. Hope you like it.

First Step – Sketch and Rough Paint for Clarity
Second Step – Start adding Layers and Mixing Colors
Third step – Paint the entire canvas before adding contrast and details
Fourth Step – Continue to Iterate
Fifth Step – Continue to check details and begin finishing.

A lot still needs to be done. And soon I will begin to add finishing touches. Hope you liked it. Thank you for taking a look. Hare Krishna 🙏🏻

21 thoughts on “Krishna Radha in Oil – The Making

  1. Absolutely beautiful Shivangi. Whenever I see a painting of the lord, the first thing I see is the eyes. You have brought out that serene compassion and boundless love in his eyes. Very few people get that emotion well. I must congratulate you on a brilliant portrayal. 👌❤️

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        1. Hi Bhumi, here are a few tips. Some follow and some I don’t 😀
          1. First think about why you want to write and what do you want to write about. Create your blog around that.
          2. Read a lot
          3. Check out other people’s blogs. Be kind and courteous in your comments.
          4. Write a lot irrespective of the likes and comments. If you link your writing to social appreciation, you would want to discontinue after a while because it takes long to build a decent readership.
          5. If you just love to write, there is nothing like blogging. But if you are thinking in terms of monetary compensation, personal blogging doesn’t get you money. But your blog can be used as a writing portfolio for a targeted audience.
          6. Do you enjoy the creative process? Rest all will fall in place:)
          Hope this helps😀


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