10 Magical Minnesota Winter Pictures

As Minnesota puts on a magical white snow-dress for Christmas, here are some beautiful pictures for you to enjoy the holiday season! These pictures are also a reminder that unexpected, amazing things can happen to you during this time of the year!

Enjoy the winter wonderland pictures from around my place and gear up for great beginnings!

Holiday lights enchant the child in us.

It is extraordinary how light dazzles when it interacts with darkness.

Sunset and snow make magic together.

Sometimes, we are so busy running to the next that we skip the wonders of now.

A picturesque house against the colorful sky.

Behold the blushing snow maiden!

Sky is an amazing canvas, creating masterpieces every moment!

The scenery changes when it snows!

Strings of illuminating light and a clear path for the joyous traveler.

Silent night, peaceful night, all decked up in the holiday spirit.

Hope you liked the winter photography of Minnesota. Which is your favorite photo?

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