Great Hiking Trails in the Twin Cities

It is strange how the ‘new normal’ is making us do things which we would not normally do! Last weekend, the Twin Cities enjoyed clear skies and unusually high temperatures in November, so we went hiking.

Had it been a normal November, we would be organizing ‘potluck’ or going out shopping. That’s what we always did. But, this time, we searched up ‘Hiking Trails Near Twin Cities’ and found some little known hiking spots. These lovely woods in the heart of Twin Cities looked inviting and refreshing, far from the madding crowd.

So, off we went to the woods, to hear the sound of chirpy birds, to enjoy the majesty of long artistic trees, and to hear the whistles of the wind.

The aroma of the unexplored woods felt inviting, and the unexplored bends at the end of trails teased us about the possibility of what might lie ahead – a mighty lake or a little squirrel!

Hope you like the pictures of some trails in the heart of the Twin Cities – Whitetail Woods Regional Park, Caponi Art Park and Ritter Farm Park. Enjoy the woods!

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