A Step into the Fall Splendor – in Pics

Minnesota is known for its amazing Fall. And this year, the amazing colors are back on the trees, bushes, flowers, lakes and wild foliage.

This morning, a spirited walk around our locality, once again introduced us to the amazing Autumnal colors. Orange, red, yellow, green under the blue sky…what a divine splash of colors on the nature’s canvas!

Come on, follow me, step into the Fall splendor through these pics😀

Happy Orange Red Tree

Golden Green Earth

Playful White Fountain

Wild Red Berries

Proud White Mushrooms

Tiny Brown Caterpillar on a Crossroad

Yellow Shades, Green Creepers and Blue Lake

Pink, White and Red Flowers

Hope you enjoyed the colors!

26 thoughts on “A Step into the Fall Splendor – in Pics

  1. So beautiful and amazing snaps…. And as always you made me smile☺️ and such a creative title A step into the Fall Splendor… And today I gotta know that Minnesota is such a beautiful place 😍😍…! And truly the pics were so beautiful I loved them all…

    And at last Happy Blogging!☺️

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  2. Autumn has always been my favourite time of year. No other season can match its fabulous colours. I can well imagine what your area looks like out ‘in the wilds’. the colours you have shown are beautiful enough. Thank you for sharing, Shivangi. 😀

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