5 thoughts on “The short story of I in a video game

  1. What a thought-provoking little story, Shivangi. To me it’s one that readers will interpret in their own way, but I definitely see the comparison to religion/worship. The Master Gamer is the Divinity /Master Creator (in any religion of choice). Not being a ‘gamer’ I may well have misread this completely 😀 and I had to look up the word ‘mukt’. ‘Free’ makes perfect sense in this context. Very well written, and as I said, extremely thought provoking.

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    1. You got the gist of the story Millie. There is a line in the play ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ – “for the true martyr is he who has become the instrument of God, who has lost his will in the will of God, and who no longer desires anything for himself, not even the glory of being a martyr”… this surrendering of the will while continuing our actions is the ultimate freedom. This is what I tried to convey. Thanks a lot for reading😀


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