Kangana’s crusade against Bollywood and the System!

Kangana Ranaut had come across as a typical frivolous starlet, when I first transcribed her interview for my news channel a decade ago.

In those days, there were a lot of spicy, blind items on her antics and she was termed ‘difficult’ to work with in Bollywood (just like the late Sushant Singh Rajput).

But the Kangana I see now is a revelation! Fearless, rebellious, eloquent, aggressive, angry and ready to take on ‘Bullywood’ and the political system (Shiv Sena) all by herself. She is the new rebel icon of India!

It seems her seething anger against the injustices in Bollywood had begun to built up much before its eruption at Karan Johar’s Koffee show, where she targeted nepotism in Bollywood. And the bad treatment meted out to talented outsiders.

And this year, when a popular actor and talented outsider #SushantSinghRajput died allegedly by suicide, she created a storm after declaring that he was murdered by the nepotists and druggies of Bollywood.

That was the turning point in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case.

The public applauded her fearlessness. Seeing the public approval for Kangana, news channels brought up the murder angle. And #justiceforsushant and #cbiforsushant became a global movement. It is still ongoing and everyone wants to know the truth related to Sushant’s death.

Meanwhile, it has been interesting to watch the reactions of social media, media, politicians and Bollywood in relation with Kangana.

Social Media:

Kangana Ranaut’s greatest support comes from the social media (most importantly Twitter) and she has learnt to use it to her advantage. She has dismantled the rosy image of Bollywood and showed their dirty picture.

The fans are no longer servile towards film stars, rather they are judging and critical of them – the film entertainers (no longer stars).

For the first time, social media users have realized their immense power. They can change the system by fighting for any cause (eg, Sushant case)! And they are not going to stop. Move aside politicians, media or celebrities, social media icons have the new power control. And Kangana is one of them.


The mainstream media, barring a few TV channels, has behaved abnormally during the coverage of Sushant’s death case and the Kangana uprising.

Initially, senior journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai, condemned the obsessive news stories following Sushant’s demise, stating it was a smaller issue compared to bigger problems like the pandemic and economy at hand. But soon, he went on to grab ‘TRP generating’ interview of the accused Rhea Chakraborty, forgetting to ‘walk the talk’.

Kangana has been made the false ‘Queen’ of media as of now because she has the people’s approval. Who knows she might be termed a ‘charlatan’ as soon as the approval ends!

People hardly know whom to trust with journalists losing their integrity and channels changing news angle every moment.


Ironically, Kangana profited from the recent demolition of her office building by BMC at the behest of politicians.

It was clearly an act of vengeance against the actor by powerful politicians in the Maharashtra government because she threatened to reveal the drug nexus, questioned the Mumbai police and condemned the irregularities in relation to Sushant case.

After the incident, #bharatforkangana trended on Twitter and the lady’s approval rate tripled overnight.

Clearly, a very bad PR move by Shiv Sena and cronies who are allegedly a part of the drug syndicate.

Also, Kangana Ranaut might be getting offers to join politics by the opposition. Although, she has expressed disinterest for politics, joining a party might actually be a good safety move for her.


Now, let’s analyze the powerful land of Bollywood, which was once inhabited by hunk kings and purrfect queens with giant, inflated egos.

They screamed and cried out from every social media tower. And posted sun-kissed pictures in skimpy gowns, dresses and lingeries, ‘ooh-aahing’ over each other’s post, expressing undying fake love for each other. Twitter, Instagram or Facebook – they dominated everywhere blinding commoners with their cheap glitter.

They monetized on social causes and played with public opinion, made films funded by terrorists and mafias while enjoying their debauched lifestyle.

And the public was in trance and so much in love with them. Until Corona and Kangana happened!

Corona hit the financial edifice while Kangana hit their ‘underbelly’ after the unnatural death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

And the loud, chattering, gossiping Bollywood bigwigs went into the silent mode.

They were incredulous that a puny virus and a ‘haramkhor’ woman can do so much damage. But the damage is done and they are facing many uncomfortable questions –

Why are the big actors who were so vocal about everything, suddenly silent?

Why very few from Bollywood spoke on Sushant’s mysterious death case?

Who is behind the unnatural deaths of Sridevi, Sunanda, Jiah Khan and Disha Salian?

Why are Kangana’s questions not being acknowledged or answered?

Who are the druggies in the film industry?

What is the role of the mafia in financing movies?

There are hushed murmurs and a few retorts here and there against Kangana and in favor of Rhea Chakraborty with hashtags like ‘smash the patriarchy’, but nothing upfront and direct.

They know the moment they speak up, they will have to answer very uncomfortable questions. And one wrong answer can cost them their ‘debauched lifestyle’.

The fate of recent flop films like Gunjan Saxena (Jhanvi Kapoor) and Sadak 2 (Alia Bhatt) that suffered due to public outrage, is a warning to the industry. But are they paying attention or just silent till the storm passes?

It’s time for them to do away with old, redundant, debauched ways and adopt new progressive system that integrates outside talents seamlessly.

Already the appeal of the big stars are fading and OTT platforms are on the rise. Bollywood really needs to reinvent itself.

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut is not only supported by the public but also by the likes of Arnab Goswami and Subramaniam Swamy.

And she really deserves kudos and applause for taking on and silencing the mighty biggies of Bollywood and the government – a classic repeat of the David vs Goliath tale. And who doesn’t love it when David wins!

What a transformation Kangana, from a conformist to a woman of substance. Way to go!

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22 thoughts on “Kangana’s crusade against Bollywood and the System!

  1. I agree that what Shiv Sena did with Kangana Ranaut was completely wrong. But at the same time, what BJP has done in recent years with students, youth & people falls in the same category. BJP put them in jail & harassed for raising their voice & cricizing & protesting against govt. Isn’t it dictorship? The sad part is people are falling in trap of political parties & their propaganda. BJP is using Sushant Singh Rajput for upcoming Bihar election as he was a Bihari. Media is also highlighting it more than unemployment, miserable condition of economy, Corona spread in India, China intrusion to help BJP. Indian media is sold out. Don’t assume that if something is trending on Twitter or Facebook, it means all people are supporting it. You know how these trends are run by political IT cells & using fake accounts to run their propaganda. Political parties & media use people’s sentiments to run their propaganda. We can’t assume Rhea Chakraborty is guilty. Someone is innocent until proven guilty, isn’t it? You live in America, I live in India, I know the ground reality. Don’t judge before knowing the other side of the story.

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    1. That is true Manoj and we all are waiting for the truth to come out. But I am regularly in contact with my family back home. So, I am presenting may be the other side of story. I was a journalist once so I know the ill doings of politics and all the masala news. What I am happy about is the transformation of Kangana. Even if BJP backs any other actor, would he or she would head-on take on a system? Everyone plays diplomatic every-time, she is raw and courageous. I have followed her news from early on, so I know she is getting backed because of her outspoken attitude which might help political parties. If she joins politics, the party would be benefited.
      So, she doesn’t need backing of anyone to be a crusader. And that’s what I like about her. Thank you for reading😀

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              1. Okie great. I was in Delhi till 2009. In October 2009 shifted to Mumbai. Got offer from Zee business in 2018 by Anil Singhvi. He wanted me to join in Delhi. I refused that job as at that time my daughter just started her school and shifting back to Delhi was tough decision.

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  2. Bollywood has since been under the influence of illicit money since 1970s. Although sounding often like a BJP mouthpiece, Kangana is showing great courage to singlehandedly taking the Bollywood mafiosa head on. The collusion of SS and NCP seems evident from the (mis)handling of the case of alleged suicide of SSR. It is now more of a political game than anything else. I don’t know whether the questions raised by you will at all be answered at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True Sir, the media circus is hardly helping the case. Let’s see what CBI finds out. As for Kangana, she really takes it head on and doesn’t fear confrontations. Hope something new comes out of all this. Thanks a lot for reading😀

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  3. A very topical issue, Shivangi, matched by the raciness of your narrative. The marquee names, not only in Bollywood but also in regional cinema, are currently facing an existential crisis as many productions have been doing badly. The situation is further exacerbated by C-19. Presently, a generational shift is very much visible in all fields of film making; the content driven output of younger talents has no requirement for starry names and such productions are finding ready acceptance through the OTT platform. The menace of drugs and drug money is an ugly tinsel town reality which must be firmly controlled and disciplined by regulatory stringence. As for Kangana, this may be an opportune time for her entry into politics while still continuing her association with good films.

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    1. Sir, you said it so perfectly! OTT platform is the way forward, and the starry names are losing their sheen. And Kangana needs politics for her safety while associating with good films. Bollywood needs to reinvent itself and do away with its bad old ways. Thanks a lot for reading and for your clarity😀🙏🏻


  4. I totally agree with your views and I must mention that I loved the phrase “Until Corona & Kangana happened”. She is doing an awesome job and her bravery should very much be appreciated. Speaking against such powerful mafia’s is not a joke.

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