Birthday Blog by Happy the Dog!

I am officially one year old now in dog years and seven in human years. So, yesterday was my birthday, there was cake, a little party and my neighborhood friends wished me.

It felt so weird and special! And when they sang – Happy Birthday Happy, it sounded so different. Two times ‘Happy’ huh? Also, I did a lot of mischief yesterday and was forgiven. It’s cool to be a big birthday dog!

People often remark, I look like a lion, may be because my zodiac sign is Leo. However, I am not ferocious like a lion rather friendly. All the neighborhood friends love me and bring treats for me. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I don’t go out much but love to bark and say hello to them from the backyard.

We have a really great neighborhood.


I am so tall that I have outgrown the big crate I used to sleep in. Now, I just lie down wherever I want. I still love to steal slippers and bite things when I get bored. I am also pushy and love to get attention. Border Collie dogs are like that!

You know the brothers designed a T-shirt for me (BTW the mom’s T-shirt brand has my name in it. Cool!).  They took hours to create designs on a sleeveless Tee and made me wear it. It was rather uncomfortable because it’s summer time but I accepted it since it was my birthday.

The father was busy but he took out time to pet me. The mom’s cake was great. I liked the first bite of that melt-in-mouth, fluffy cake. I heard the brothers ask the mom – Does Happy know it is his birthday?

“Of course, yes! It feels great to be the birthday dog,” I barked in reply.

The birthday is over today but my spirit remains upbeat. Hope you liked this blog by a birthday dog! Can’t wait for my next party. Meanwhile you stay safe and Happy like me! Love, Bark!

10 thoughts on “Birthday Blog by Happy the Dog!

  1. I love the way you’ve presented this through the thoughts of Happy the Dog, Shivangi. It’s really effective, and lovey to read out to children. It sounds as though you all had a wonderful day and Happy was well and truly spoiled! I’m sure he deserved (and appreciated) it. 😀

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