Is the Bollywood Mafia strategically eliminating the talented outsiders?

This post is not about the tragic death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. This is a post about nepotism or bhai-bhatijawaad in the Indian Film Industry. Nepotism was always there in the glam world but the existing ‘Bollywood Mafia’ (as Kangana Ranaut chooses to say) is extremely vicious and we, the viewers need to tackle them.

Why only ageing heroes and half-baked star sons and daughters star in high budget films? Why do we see the same old crafty faces at film award ceremonies? Why does the film industry stink of staleness? Simple! the Bollywood Mafia has been strategically eliminating the outsiders – real talents.

Rajput was an outsider too. There may have been many causes for his suicide, but nepotism was definitely one of them. He was constantly being pushed out of the centerstage, where he belonged. But a group of muscle-flexing, pretty boys and skimpily clad, surgically enhanced, starlets tried to edge him out of sight.

How can real talent survive when they are forced to stay back and remain on the fringe? Let’s think about last year’s Hindi films! Except some of the Ayushmann Khurrana films, what we have been watching are trashy movies. ‘Dabangg 3’, ‘Student of the Year, Housefull 4, Bharat, Kalank… all these films are not worth more than one or two stars. Would you watch any of these again? The below third-rate quality of our films is all due to nepotism.

The industry has been serving concocted success stories of half-baked star sons and daughters. The media is funded by the mafia to carve glorious images for the non-deserving relatives of stars. And they are projected as great actors just after working for one or two films.

Supporters say that nepotism only works for the initial break of the star kid and hard work matters after that. But the point is, despite delivering flops they are privileged to stay around in Bollywood. However, for the talented outsiders, it’s extremely hard to get into the industry and extremely easy to get chucked out.

They have no ‘Godfathers’ to hang on to…and then, there are filmy vultures ready to feed on them. The privileged people of the industry get to stay despite flops after flops. They just refuse to move or make room for talented outsiders.

You and I have seen so many fine and popular actors getting restricted to character roles because they would not be offered main roles. Yes, there are examples of some success stories that survived nepotism…Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Ayushmann Khurrana…they have been extremely lucky.

And as Ram Gopal Verma said, the outsiders do become insiders of the industry in the long run and promote their family, it happens with every industry. But Verma should remember that every industry is not film industry. Here, the public matters the most! AFTER ALL, WE PAY FOR THE TICKETS TO WATCH YOUR FILMS!

So, we, the viewers should get to decide which actor or actress is deserving. Not Bollywood, Not Media, Not the PR people….!

We, as viewers have the right to expect quality films but what we have been getting is trash after trash. Our regional cinema is more artistic, imaginative, creative and supple than mainstream, which seriously suffers from stagnation and draught of ideas. Every other YouTube or TikTok star seems more talented than our film actors. And look at our performance at international level, our films are pathetic as compared to world cinema. The system needs to be overhauled!

We, the viewers should demand for anti-nepotism policies in the film industry…no son, daughter, spouse, friend or relative should be given privileges. Almost, every organization has anti-nepotism clause then why should it not apply to the film industry?

Only talent should matter, only talent should thrive! Very soon, the film industry will suffer from a public backlash, and we the viewers will run the show biz. It is time the Public takes the power back from them. The revolution has begun… we have the social media on our side to begin with.

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49 thoughts on “Is the Bollywood Mafia strategically eliminating the talented outsiders?

  1. Abhishek

    Very well written. Bollywood has stooped to the lowest level. All these so called stars are thriving on money from the underworld. Non sensical movies, pathetic actor is what we get to see for most of the part. They shun the talented people and only promote their family members.

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  2. Haritha

    Well described the star sons🤣.
    Bollywood is worst than regional movies. Some of the movies you listed I wouldn’t watch even though available on Netflix 🤦‍♀️.
    In one award show they mocked south Indian movies, while so called stars happily remake them. . They need serious introspection.

    Some Web series are far better than these so called blockbusters.

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    1. Well written. Agree with everything’s that’s written. Its been a long time since watched a bollywood movie cause of pathetic acting, dances and as you said it, nepotism. The talented ones do not get a chance to do good roles but having said that it is we too to be blamed to go watch those movies in theatres as Indians are crazy about movies and some of us fail to distinguish between the good and bad acting of these actors.

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      1. Nicely said Savitha! We are to be blamed too because we get carried away by flashy previews. We need to use judgment and condemn third class films. Thanks a lot for coming over and expressing your opinion.

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  3. Very true, when I was reading Ram Gopal tweet I thought he is new hired PR by Karan. All producer from producer gild association are mafia. Everyone will now try to save their ass. Look the way Mahesh Bhatt and his brother cooking up stories.

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    1. Very nicely explained, they are all mafia. We have been tolerating them for far too long. Yes, looks like Ram Gopal Verma has joined them. Thank you for coming over and expressing your views so nicely.

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    1. The mess needs to be cleaned and who knows your optimism may turn out to be the reality. The public has had enough of bad films due to nepotism. Thanks a lot for coming over and nicely expressing your views!

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  4. Very well written. There is cutthroat competition in Bollywood from which StarKids are exempted. An outsider has to work twice as hard and has to deliver numerous hits in order to make the insiders even consider him. Whereas the struggle for the starskids is that their “dads” and “moms” haven’t done a Dharma Film or that they haven’t been invited to Koffee. sigh

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  5. Very well-written post. You have rightly highlighted the problems of nepotism in Bollywood. Promoting one’s son/daughter in the industry where either of the parents have worked is understood but not at the cost of new talents by blocking them out is a social crime. It wasn’t so extreme earlier. In 1980’s many such starkids like Kumar Gaurav etc. and they faded out and lost their place. Also, nowadays, the release of films are done by buying up entire distribution rights. You go a multiplex, every screen is showing the same film. People are forced to watch these movies. It’s really a mafia raj in Bollywood.

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    1. You have further strengthened my point Sir. We are forced to watch below third grade films because every other option is strategically removed. I wish some action is taken to promote new talents and to save the viewers from such films. Thank you Sir for your opinion and time.

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  6. Very interesting. I was posted in Hyderabad for many years and I happened to wonder why only sons of a handful of influential families become heroes? You are right in raising this issue. For India to become a land of opportunity we will have to be a meritocracy. A very well written post.

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