Ram Navami Special – To you we surrender!

This year, the festival of Ram Navami brings immense hope and light to our world, which is being ravaged by disease and sorrow.

We all need a break from the continuous news of distress and hopelessness due to Covid 19. And Ram Navami has arrived just in time to remind us of the value and benefits of surrender.

Just the sight of the lotus feet of Shri Ram assuages all fear and problems regarding the future. We are reminded that He is there, He will take care of the world. Ram, to you, we surrender completely!

I wish you all  Sukh (happines), Samridhi (wealth), Shanti (peace), Saubhagya (good luck) and Swasthya (health) on the birthday of Sri Hari. May with the blessings of Shri Ram everything works out well for you, your family and our world. Jai Shri Ram!

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21 thoughts on “Ram Navami Special – To you we surrender!

    1. Jai Shri Ram means Hail Shri Ram! The epitome of human perfection! His life story is written in the ancient Holy book Ramayana. He is called ‘Maryada Purushottam’ as he suffered great trials and tribulations but remained steadfast to his ideals. Hindus all over the world revere him as God. It is his birthday today🙏🏻

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    1. We have a puja ceremony, we light a lamp, offer sweets and chant mantra and sing songs in his glory. Do post if you have more questions, I will try to answer at leisure. Thanks for coming over😀

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