Coronavirus Scare – Unavailability of hand sanitizers

Today, my husband went shop to shop from Cub, Walgreens, Target, Dollar Tree to CVS until he found the last bottle of hand sanitizer in one of the Cub stores at a different location.

Using hand sanitizers are currently the best bet against Coronavirus.

The racks are running empty as people are stocking up sanitizers, masks and other grocery items. Even online, the prices of hand sanitizers are going high. We checked Amazon.

This episode made me realize how actively people are taking precautionary measures in Minnesota before the virus actually spreads.

We have a tendency to not take things seriously but this quote on the deadly virus made me realize to make a move before things go out of hand – “Everything we do before a pandemic seems alarmist. Everything we do after will seem adequate” – M. Leavitt.

Coronavirus is a pandemic and the old saying still runs true – precaution is better than cure.

Do stock up things which you will need in the worst-case scenario.

Wishing you health and happiness!

16 thoughts on “Coronavirus Scare – Unavailability of hand sanitizers

    1. Yes, Sir. I was completely baffled yesterday. My husband went to about 10 stores and got just one – someone had returned that last minute. I hope this virus gets contained asap.


      1. Yes, very true. But the problem is scientists are yet to identify the source animal. Many potential drugs are on trial, which takes a lot of time. After good success results they might get FDA approval and then commercial productions will start and anti viral for this virus will be available for commoners like us. Praying for early results and quick return of summer. It’s said that these virus are ineffective in high temperature.

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