Blog Birthday – 5 years of blogging and a surprise!

My Dear,

I have a very special surprise (#blogiversary special) for you on this special day that marks 5 years of blogging on Stories by Shivangi. I have blogged almost every week, shared my meditative thoughts, updates on life and random observations with pictures and quotes. It has been terrific journey so far!

You have been a great companion to me all this while. You did not stop reading and I did not stop writing, it has been a lovely relationship!  This blog has grown beyond my expectations and page views everyday are really motivating.

There is some good news – my two picture eBooks ‘The Princess with Brown Teeth‘ and ‘Who Ate the Moon?‘ are now available on as Kindle purchase. The princess book is sure to motivate picky eaters and help them in making good food choices and the moon book talks about the various phases of the moon. Kids who have read it on iTunes have loved them.

But wait, here is the surprise  – my third picture eBook would be coming out very soon!!! Before the Valentine’s Day, for sure! It could make a lovely gift for your loved one. Here is a quick look at what is to come. The illustrations are by my 8 year old, who stepped in to create the characters from my story about ‘The Boy Named Joy’! (I would love to know what do you think). More exciting stuff to come in my next post…

I am grateful to god and you for keeping me inspired!



P.S – Thank You Sneha, my little sister and loved ones on Facebook for being my champion promoters. I need your support always.


17 thoughts on “Blog Birthday – 5 years of blogging and a surprise!

  1. davendragupta8202

    glad to know about your production of three ebooks- your creative and imaginative output for the bebefit for all of us and especially the children. congratulations; Keep it up; God bless you for more and better achievements. with best wishes

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    1. Thank you Sir for your motivating comment. Your blessings are very special to me. You have always been around to support me. Thank you Sir for your best wishes always🙏🏻🙏🏻


    1. Thank you Ritu. Yes, I have stories to tell but illustrations have been an issue. But my son stepped in and I got my support this time. And I also wanted to thank you, because your self publishing journey has been very motivating. And I really hope that you find huge, huge success!
      Thanks and all the best❤️


  2. I recently came to your blog and loved it. Will be exploring it in the coming days! Wish you many more years of happy blogging and writing. So gratified to know that your little one is illustrating your latest book. It would be true to the script, as seen through a child’s eyes. Give him a hug from this grandma 🙂

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