Paw Things#1 – Meet Happy the Puppy!

I am dog agnostic. I wish them well but I keep my distance. As a child, when a dog was around, I would sit on chair or bed with my feet up. So a fortnight back, when the lady in a pet store welcomed me with the line – ‘Here comes Mommy,’ and tried to hand me a pup, I was unnerved. Good lord, I, the mother of a pup???

Well, it was dear husband’s birthday and he and the kids really wanted a cute, cuddly, furry baby. They were all bustling with excitement, so, I couldn’t say no.

I felt I was making a mistake. Adopting a puppy was a huge, huge task! All my other plans were at risk to go awry but then I was up against three dog lovers in the family. And I didn’t want to look like some vampish, scornful lady….think Lalita Pawar!

Warning bells did ring when an unknown old lady came very close to me and whispered- Good luck with that! It was a well meaning warning since she had understood my hesitation. But I did not really pay heed to it and went with the flow.

We adopted the two-month old puppy, bought all puppy things, paid the fees. signed papers etc etc… And named him HAPPY SINGH since he was adopted on the occasion of ‘Happy Birthday’.

The real struggle started in the car. The pup wanted to wrestle out of my hand and explore around. And I was scared so I was holding him too tight. I thought he would bite me but he didn’t. Somehow, we reached home.

Happy is not potty trained. So, you can imagine the struggle again. Plus he was on deworming medicine. First two days, hubby kept cleaning huge messes as I struggled to get used to the new smell and resident.

My sisters and other family members were like – But you never cared for any dog!!! On my husband’s side, everyone loves dogs, so they were excited.

My kids were super happy and they kept goading me to be happy about Happy. I noticed, hubby looked tired but enjoyed being around the pup. Only, I felt differently.

When Monday came and the three Dog lovers left, the onus fell on me completely. Every hour I took him out to do his business. Thankfully, he complied. But it was all new to me and loads of extra work.

When the kids returned, they ran straight to Happy. They had accepted him with open hearts. And the puppy loved back. Only, I was the mean one.

Tuesday, I struggled again. By night, I felt completely exhausted. I counted days for weekend to come.

A thousand times, I thought of returning the pup. But something about Happy is so endearing that I couldn’t take the decision despite all the struggle.

By the end of the week, I and him felt little settled.

This week began with struggle again but Happy is a quick learner. And he is doing well. Only I have not gotten used to his playing with me. It is bit rough but husband is training him.

As I write this post, Happy is waiting for me to take him out. This new episode has been challenging but overall I believe that Happy has come to us for a good reason.

He is a sweet puppy and I am slowly accepting him as a part of our family.

Images – My phone

21 thoughts on “Paw Things#1 – Meet Happy the Puppy!


    Dogs love attention and are loyal. Happy is adorable and best wishes with the training. Once you put in the time, you will have a friend for life. Enjoy the day and many blessings to you ๐Ÿ’—

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      1. What an amusing read. After you are through with your canine apprenticeship, you will be hooked for life. The only flip side is that dogs have a very limited lifespan during which they literally smother you with affection that it is difficult to reconcile with a life without its presence. My wife is a dog lover but we are not keeping a dog because it becomes a problem for travelling around. A pet dog cannot be left anywhere unattended though there are options like pet crรจche. We will certainly have a dog as soon as we are done with moving around.

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        1. Sir, thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is very kind and reassuring. I hope the struggle phase gets over and I learn to enjoy with Happy๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


  2. Such a lovely read, Shivangi and dogs are such loveable animals, lovely pictures of your Happy Singh and even I used to get scared just the way you have described but my children too brought a two month old golden retriever 7 years back and we named her Amber and today our lives too have changed. They are a blessing to us.

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  3. Your pup is so cute! I had a similar experience getting our second pup–my boyfriend & I are very busy but he insisted on getting another one. Definitely a challenge but very worth it! Hope Happy and yourself are doing well!

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    1. Ah, yes, I am seeing he is getting bigger everyday. Do share how you manage them. Food and routine etc… is there a blog post about them? Thanks a lot for connecting.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


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