Different Hues of the Lake

Every dusk looks dreamy, every dawn is magic… there is something about the lake at backside of my house. Today it is the colour of Krishna! So blue, so ethereal, so serene, took my breath away. Behold the hues!

And a few days back… it was like this charming reddish-yellow. Where does it get the colours from?

If only we had the time to look… we would see wonders everyday!

17 thoughts on “Different Hues of the Lake

  1. Beautiful!!! I love the comparison too. I named my 2nd adopted cat last October, Kali. I had a Krishna for a male and Kali for a female. She is a stunning black cat with a specialness about her. She jumps up on my chest (not my lap) as if she wants to feel my heart and then purrs so loudly, and all my stress diffuses. I wonder sometimes if she is not my mom reincarnated…she is so affectionate just like my mom. Blessings my dear Shivangi xx

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    1. This is so interesting dear. I have named the lake ‘Kalindi’ meaning River Yamuna, by which Krishna lived. Your cat seems really special. And that kind of connection is a blessing in itself. I am glad you are enjoying that kind of bliss. Thanks for coming over and sending blessings my way. May you always stay blissful๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’

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