Ubering Around!

A glamorous chick, an old senator wannabe, a navy veteran, one fatherly figure, few obnoxious drivers and today, an enchanting healer…. I have met them all while picking kids from school through Uber. Diverse driving styles, different energies, ethnicities, opinions, approach, attitude and behaviors – I mostly enjoyed varied experiences of interacting with Uber drivers. However, today was even more special as I was sitting with a healer.

I mostly know about healers through the Cate Blanchett’s film, The Gift (Hindi film ‘Gunaah’ starring Bipasha Basu seems to be inspired by it) and have known many Indian spiritual practitioners. However, sitting with this enchanting healer was truly fascinating. There was nothing different about her appearance except for a black headgear.

She started off with telling that she had been a farm girl. Her eyes were extraordinarily bright and exuded abundance of energy and warmth. She was chirpy and asked about my nationality. On learning that I am an Indian, she asked about Osho. She had read a lot of books by him. We interacted about Osho and other spiritual gurus in that short span of time. She talked about her being a healer. I knew it was a difficult task as healers tend to carry a lot of emotional burden and she confirmed that healers do feel overwhelming emotions sometimes!

She asked whether I was an empathizer but I had no idea about it. The truth is I am just a seeker so I couldn’t give her a clear answer. She said she likes to hug every rider at the end of the ride and also gave a little note of love to me… it was a truly amazing experience. Small wonder then that she is a highly rated driver on Uber.

Today was special, but Ubering around has been challenging too. I have met a few very rude drivers but pleasant drivers hugely outnumber them. I am mostly grateful for the rides. Almost all of the drivers are good to kids and would remark about weather.

Although I am a proud holder of driver’s license now, I still need to use Uber now and then. And surprisingly, unlike before when I would be skeptical, I look forward to ‘ubering around’. Back in India, I have taken innumerable rides with mostly silent ‘autowallah’ bhaiyas but don’t have much experience riding through Ola – transportation cabs of India.

Driving around in Uber is an experience in itself. There are so many uncertainties about the attitude of the driver, the car, the journey and the destination and yet all fall into place… just like life itself! How have your experiences been with Uber ?

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7 thoughts on “Ubering Around!

  1. Rashi Singh

    My experiences with Uber have been pretty good. Better than riksha, I would say (No offence, rikshawale uncle).
    Loved how you wove a beautiful post about something as normal as Uber!

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