Just a Thought – Camera!

We try to look and behave our best if there happens to be a camera around. We instantly change our expression from frown to smile and adjust our dress to look perfect. If we spot a surveillance camera somewhere, we feel conscious of being watched and behave lawfully.

But how about the ‘witness’ camera we carry within us all the time. The observer, the beholder, the watcher is always there watching us nonchalantly. Why are we not always conscious or aware of the watcher? Wouldn’t this awareness change us to be the best version of ourselves? Would something change if the watcher is watched back by us often? And is the watcher in you the same as the watcher in me? How so?

Ponder and share your thoughts, dears.

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15 thoughts on “Just a Thought – Camera!

  1. What a thought to ponder

    A Camera that can change our expression and outfit

    A surveillance that makes us to try to behave lawfully

    A sudden thought of an inner camera that witnesses

    Ohh Shivangi making us to remember what transformation that it could bring in our being as Humans

    I just loved this sequence

    My Pats!

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      1. Yes the Same camera.
        No doubt.
        Only it looks like the brand has changed … Like a Nikon, Panasonic, etc….
        That is because of the Sanskaras each one have differently.
        Why I was so much impressed is, that is the Universal Camera that is the Witness though individually fitted in.
        Still thinking?

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          1. How to look back… No looking back. No technique involved.
            You are the watcher, through your eyes you see everything and that is reflected in you inside. So what all happens is inside of us only. I hope you could understand Shivangi.
            If not put another question.

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