How to ‘Just Be’!

I have heard several discourses and sermons teaching us to ‘just be’. But how to ‘just be’? I have been told miraculous physical and psychological benefits if you practice stillness. Now, with so much technology and entertainment overpowering our mind, there is not much scope of it. Is it? Stillness in chaos?

Well, recently I came across a remarkable person (He wishes to be anonymous), who showed me steps as to how to just be. I will talk about this anonymous writer some other time. But for now, here are the steps. Read slowly.

1) Initially sit calmly, in a quiet place. Once you get the knack of it you can handle even a fish market. But in the beginning, avoid disturbance. Now, close your eyes, listen to sounds around you. The clocks tick tock, humming sound of refrigerator, sounds of vehicles etc….

2) The moment you start relaxing, thoughts will come with hammers to bang your head. All past, present and future thoughts coupled with disturbing intrusive talks will crowd your mind. Hmmm…never, ever block them or react to them, they are just passing clouds. Just observe them and let go. They will pass, you’ll stay. They mean nothing.

3) Now, you are an observer, just observing yourself. Deep breaths will start coming on its own. You will relax. You are a part of larger consciousness. It will take care of you and take you in. Breathe! Breathe deeper again.

4) You will start to enjoy the process. But after sometime thoughts return, egoistical and supposedly positive ones this time. You will feel you are gaining super natural powers or great superior things will happen to you etc! Just observe them with equanimity, do not get carried away, remember you have to just be! The deceptive thoughts are taking you towards result, towards future. No, just enjoy Now! Just keep listening to the sounds….just listen to sounds. Just be! Breathe…

5) Hmmm…so, what now after ‘just be’ state? Well, nothing… nothingness! You just said hello to yourself. That’s it! This is not a result oriented practice but it does bring far better results than anything else. But try not to concentrate on the result part. Just enjoy being in Now and at peace with your surrounding, enveloped by an enormous consciousness! The consciousness will take care of you and everything. Never worry! Have you observed a baby? He is naturally a part of the larger consciousness and so are you. You just have ‘to be’! Let thoughts and disturbances come and pass, ‘just be’ for some golden moments everyday. And say – Hello, Me!

I really enjoyed learning this from my friend. Just felt like forwarding the information and sharing it with you. Love always, dears! May you, just be!

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20 thoughts on “How to ‘Just Be’!

  1. Wonderful post. My husband was just saying to me last night, “You’ve still not got the hang of just being! It’s okay to not do for a while and just be.” Thanks Shivangi. God was obviously wanting to be sure I got the message!! Anita.

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    1. God has strange ways dear! When I was writing this I knew the readership would be low but then I felt that even if one person feels benefited by this, my task would be done😀. This post is also a reminder for myself because I keep forgetting how to just be😀🙏🏻. Thanks for reading and may you, just be!


  2. “Hmmm…so, what now after ‘just be’ state? Well, nothing… nothingness! You just said hello to yourself. ”

    Shivangi this is just Beautiful and Wonderful to be ‘Just Be’!

    My Salutations to the Just Be Ones.

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  3. Excellent thoughts put together. I will practice this. Let me share I was In peace when read this few min back and after step 2 observed my breadth … these were long breadths.

    Am sure will word… be with … is most imp


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    1. Yes let us just be for a few moments everyday. No judgement about the past, no rushing to think about the future… just be…the feeling is an end in itself. Thank you for reading Achal ji…best wishes😀🙏🏻


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