Just a Thought – Maze of Junk

Is it not strange that as we sift through an enormous pile of unwanted flyers, newspaper ads, junk emails, meaningless forwards, phone calls, videos, we seldom have time left for the meaningful? The meaningless devours the day and we complain we’ve no time! I had never thought assessing and rejecting information could be such a task. But how do I get out of this useless maze? The junk is everywhere!

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10 thoughts on “Just a Thought – Maze of Junk

  1. Deepak Nagpal

    Very very true Shivangi. Today’s life is full of meaningless and we have to make a lot of effort to find the meaningful! At work, I face it everyday and most of my day goes wasted in this only. If we were only focusing on the meaningful and important, our productivity and inner peace would be at a much higher level. Scrap the crap!

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  2. You have done the very first step shivangi.. i mean the realization of the junk. So just take a note pad and write down your time stamps atleast for a week continuously. At the end you will have some conclusions.. i am the guarantee..;)

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