Just a Thought – Victim or Perpetrator in #MeToo

While all my heart and soul goes to victims (men and women) of sexual harassment, some of the accusers in #MeToo movement do not seem reliable. Money, Politics or Vendetta might be the reason. However, these kind of accusers are damaging the credibility of real sufferers, who should have all the support and love. As the global #MeToo movement gains momentum in India, there is intense speculation and suspicion.

However, who’s right and who’s wrong…the dividing line is really thin.

Our only prayer – may the real perpetrators get caught, suffer and perish!

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8 thoughts on “Just a Thought – Victim or Perpetrator in #MeToo

  1. Like any new movement, it will probably take a while to settle down and the right persons are punished. It seems, unfortunately, there are always those who take advantage to seek attention. They ruin lives just to satisfy their needs. That’s extremely sad. —- Suzanne

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    This is a great post and I know many men who were abused too. I do believe some women may be using this ME TOO movement as a way to get attention or make money. Lots of books being written about it. I am for ALL humans and animals who suffer abuse. Thanks for sharing and wishing you many blessings.

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