Just A Thought – Happy Clones?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fire clones of a happy version of yourself across Time – in the Past, Present and Future? A clone that could appear and cheer you up in some of the gloomy memories of Past. A happy clone who could sit beside you in the Present, reassuring you as you worry about things. And the best of all – a happy clone waiting for you in the Future. Just the thought that this future clone would not let you be upset about anything and make you so relaxed, is exhilarating.

Amazing or delusional? I don’t know….but rejuvenating, Yes! Don’t you agree?

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15 thoughts on “Just A Thought – Happy Clones?

  1. Shivangi, what an awesome thought. Sending happy clones back through to time to cheer you up when you were down. Exciting too if we could send clones back in time to say wait until you reach such and such a place then you will start to feel better about everything.
    I’m so pleased I found you now when I was feeling down and thinking of doing something stupid, not kill myself my dear, but equally stupid.
    You managed to lift my spirits and put a smile on my face so thank you so much for that.

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    1. Hi Dave, so glad you liked the thought. May be this thought suits you.
      Let’s really imagine our happy self of the future will take care of everything. And everything will fall in place… πŸ™πŸ». God be with you!

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