Just a Thought – There comes a moment…

There comes a moment in life…when you suddenly need to be a parent…to a different set of kids – Your Own Parents. Challenging, Heartbreaking and life changing! You cannot afford to be a carefree kid anymore. You have to really grow up and stand tall…at once…maybe overnight. Your carefree self observes from a distance as the cloak of maturity chooses to fall on you. You change at that moment. Forever.

Saluting those who embrace the responsibilities and challenges that come with the noble task of parenting older ones 🙏🏻

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10 thoughts on “Just a Thought – There comes a moment…

  1. This is so true. As our parents age, we become their caregiver. My mother passed away a year ago but prior to that she was living with my brother (she wanted to live with him). He had a big responsibility on his shoulders. She finally had to go into a 24 hour care facility. There gets to a point that we can no longer care for them properly because they need more Care than we can give.


  2. Solemn truth. Life can be a crazy cycle. Once you were a child, looking up to your parents to hold your hands and guide you, then in their twilight days, the parents become child-like and look up to you to support them.


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