Are you a warrior friend too?

Have you ever noticed how we all have a core group of people who stand up for us during difficult times? They might be close or far away. They may be our family, friends or just an acquaintance. They may not have made an appearance for years now. We might have had a fallout. But like a miracle, they start connecting with us the moment we are in need. These are our God appointed warriors! They will come for us, stand by us, no matter what. Such people should be valued and cherished. And God bless each one of them with joy and peace. πŸ™πŸ»

Are you fortunate enough to be a god appointed warrior too… for someone?

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33 thoughts on “Are you a warrior friend too?

          1. Wow! Shivangi I am looking up in the sky.

            Stretching my arms for him to Hug.
            How long should I wait, give an alarm.
            But he is always with me I feel.
            Sometimes he plays hide & seek.
            Well I am too well versed right from my childhood.
            I shall catch him soon.

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  1. Anytime.. I won’t miss out an opportunity to be one.. And it’s easy to identify those people placed by God for us. They are a never ending source of joy and hope. Great post.. ❀

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  2. God appointed warriors are indeed many and our parents be the first of them …I hope to be their warrior soon but till then little steps and gestures are enough..😊be it for friends or family
    So is what I think…
    Lovely post Shivangi πŸ€—

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