Innocent Spring

After the season of perseverance (Winter), finally arrives the season of innocence (Spring). The Earth has shook off snow and our lake is finally blue. Kids are heading outdoors after a long hibernation and it is activity all around me. Last to last week, everything was still and quiet in Minnesota. Now, I can’t believe the transformation!

A variety of colorful birds are returning and I spotted this beauty – one of the first visitor in the Lake.

Meanwhile, the rest of my family is enjoying the advent of Summer in India. It is also the season of mangoes. Trees are laden with green, ripening mangoes, filling the air with a sweet aroma. Look at one of our lovely mango trees.

In Patna, our hometown, we have almost all the varieties of mangoes in our home – Mallika, Malda, Dusheri, Gulabkhas, Sukul, Bambai, Amrapali, Biju… And every alternate year it grows in abundance. Mouth watering pickles, sour sweet jams, jellies, mango bars get prepared to last throughout the year. My mother in law makes some absolutely amazing delights.

Almost a decade ago, as a newly wed, I was enthralled to pluck ripe yellow mangoes directly from the tree and relished it. Can I help missing India at this time of the year?

I am thankful that the Spring is finally here. And I am watching it gradually prepare for the exuberance of Summer time. Hope the Innocence of Spring enables us to sparkle from within!

14 thoughts on “Innocent Spring

    1. Thanks for sharing it Josh. Mangoes are amazing fruits with a variety of health benefits. I am glad you enjoy eating them. If you are in India around this time, try the varied varieties, you’ll not be disappointed.

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  1. Brian

    Hello, neighbor! I’m glad you shared your blog…I’ll be sure to follow it.

    Indeed we’ve had a long winter in Minnesota, and it feels like we’ve all been hibernating. Here’s to spring and the reemergence of leaves on trees and children from houses. See you around!

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    1. Hey Brian… thank you so much for reading and leaving a nice comment. Indeed, it was a long winter but it became bearable, thanks to great, cheerful neighbors like you. I am sure this will be a lovely, memorable spring. See you around!


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