Sridevi – My Muse

When I was a kid, Sridevi was my favourite face. The actress was everywhere – on magazine covers, newspapers and advertisements. And how I loved to draw her! My sketchbook had a lot of rough sketches of the beauty. She was an artist’s dream with large vivacious eyes and gorgeous demeanor. Her sudden, accidental death by drowning has left all her admirers in deep shock. Now, after so many years, I sketch her one last time as a tribute to her. #RIP Sridevi

31 thoughts on “Sridevi – My Muse

  1. It was so very sad hearing of this lady’s death at such a relatively young age. She really was beautiful You are right to comment of those enormous eyes… Your sketch is wonderful and shows how talented you are, as well as the admiration and respect you had Sridevi. It’s a lovely tribute to her.

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  2. An artist of rare calibre is sadly no more. Your exquisite portrait endearingly detailing her features is not only a glowing tribute but a testimony to the imprint she has left in people’s minds and hearts. She entered filmdom as a child artist at the age of four and invested the remaining fifty years of her short life with an artistry that spanned all major Indian language films. I liked the sketch, Shivangi…

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