Thank You!


This week, my blog turned 3 and today, I received the notification of getting 1k followers on WordPress. Yes, I am celebrating today not because of the number of readers or my social media reach but the fact that you and I have stayed together. Despite everything, I didn’t stop writing and in spite of everything, you didn’t stop reading.

WordPress is so different from Twitter, Facebook or other platforms, where aggression and pretentiousness is the norm. The blog world is a courteous place where varying thoughts peacefully coexist and there is mutual cooperation. I am so glad I became a part of it.

This blog child of mine came into life, when my older one was 3.5 years old and little one was just 6 months. I was new in the US and life would often bog me down. This blog child helped me to remain positive and creative throughout (Managed to write two kids book too!). And then there were your blogs, amazing, creative, heart touching posts! Such superior intelligence and laudable artistic endeavors!

My two favorite families, dear husband, friends and ‘you’ have been my enviable support system. And then, there is the playful Krishna, who gently whispers – Charaiveti (Go on..) whenever my shoulders stoop and I intend to stop.

Thank you once again!

Love, Shivangi

53 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Such a sweet blog post. Many of us begin our blog as a means of self help,but little by little we begin to see that we are helping other people. Selfless service – there’s no higher activity on earth. Keep on keeping on Shivangi. The world needs more positivity and warmth and your blog has these in abundance. Anita๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜

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  2. Chanced upon your blog when I saw the number..many blog is about 5 months old and comes from the experiences of my u, I too am a stay at home mom and I sure hope our association continues! All the best to u.

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    1. So glad that you came up and introduced yourself. I am sure our association will continue. I would love to read your blog posts on lil ones. Welcome to the bloggers family and keep bloggingโค๏ธ


  3. Oooh! Shivangi congrats.
    All you say about the blog world and the WP is true and I endorse it.
    Wishing you many many more years of blogging and posting.
    We are here and shall all be together.

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