I Saw Sunset!

I was lucky enough to catch sunset through my window after a long time. Mostly I am busy or not paying attention. So many of us do not see it! We are either at the office or tied up to experience this everyday magic in the sky. I witnessed it and sat still for a while. It was a pity when the Sun folded back its rays and went down. The moment disappeared. I Caught just a teeny part of the magic and sharing my bliss! Especially for dear office goers who miss Sunset!

25 thoughts on “I Saw Sunset!

  1. Oh Shivangi this sounds childish at first to say “I Saw Sunset” but it is so true that after being so called adults we have so much less time to see the marvelous sight available every day. It may look much more beautiful at some places but the fact is those few seconds of nature’s gifted sight we tend not to see.

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      1. Absolutely, Shivangi. While I don’t have opportunity to witness sunset on a regular basis but I do watch sunrises. I have posted many pictures on my blog too. It is equally mesmerizing

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