Meet Manish Kumar Chandravanshi – Hero of small things!

The real life story of a smiling hero from Jharkhand, India will surely melt your hearts. By my brother – Vikram

Wandering Floating Thoughts


Nine year old Manish Kumar Chandravanshi flashed his trademark toothy smile at me. The joy on his face filled me with immense happiness. I had just handed him a packet of bourbon biscuit and asked to eat it.  But the little boy wanted to share it with his mother and elder sisters. He asked my permission to leave.  I was not surprised! I had already witnessed that selflessness was just one of the many traits of this noble boy.


I would have put him into the category of another poverty-stricken child, deprived of a decent childhood and quality education but one particular incident made him a hero in my eyes. Observing him, I realised that he is a born leader. Although, I have often found him dictating terms to kids older than him but that day he surprised me by his leadership, resilience and enthusiasm. The incident goes like…

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