Daylight Savings Fun!

I had no idea what daylight savings was before coming to the US in November few years back. And soon after, when I was asked to set our clocks one hour back, it baffled and tickled me. 

I still don’t get the concept behind it though, but love it when the clocks go back. So, yesterday was our daylight savings day and from now, if it is 10:30 am in the morning here, it will be aprox 10.00pm at night in India. Cool, isn’t it! It will stay like this until Spring and then the clocks will move one hour ahead. Baffling, yes and fun too!

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28 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Fun!

  1. Raj Krishna

    Well main reason behind this is, earth is titled on its axis by around 23.5 degree therefore area beyond tropics receive sunrays for more time and less time in summer and winter respectively unlike in tropics where difference is only marginal. So winter clock is set back so as to use daylight efficiently.

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        1. This is so interesting. I am not much of animal lover, I like them from a distance but my husband loves them. We have been thinking of having a pet. Is it too much of a hard work, PJ?


            1. Thank you for all this great information PJ. Will share it with husband. Also who takes care of pets if we go on vacation. We don’t have family here so would not know whom to trust.


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